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CONCACAF Gold Cup Tickets

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About the CONCACAF Gold Cup

CONCACAF Gold Cup Tickets 

Since its inception in 1991, the CONCACAF Gold Cup has been one of the biggest events in international soccer for teams based in the Caribbean, Central America, and North America. Up until 2017, the winner of the Gold Cup would get a seat at FIFA’s Confederations Cup, though the organization recently scrapped this in favor of intra-continental playoffs to get to the World Cup.

Even with these new changes, the Gold Cup is still the premier soccer event for the Western Hemisphere, and it’s the best chance for your favorite national soccer team to progress on the world stage – especially if your team is Mexico or the US.


Credit Where It’s Due

Mexico has absolutely dominated throughout the history of the Gold Cup, winning seven titles from 1991 to 2017. Only the United States has come close to matching them with five wins. In fact, there’s been only one year of the tournament with a champion other than one of these two teams.

That brings us to the story of the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup, in which Canada and Colombia went head-to-head for the win. The result: the only non-US or Mexico Gold Cup win in the history of the Gold Cup went to Canada in 2000. The team would go on to battle the Brazilians to a 0-0 draw in the first round of the 2001 Confederations Cup.


The Uncertain Future

The CONCACAF Gold Cup’s future may not be set in stone. The tournament is on the FIFA schedule for 2019, 2021, and 2023, but beyond that, the existence of the championship may be in danger. Part of that is due to the Confederations Cup getting mothballed in 2017, which means there’s no direct successor for the Gold Cup’s winner to feed into, despite its popularity.

In other words, the upcoming Gold Cup tournaments may be taking on some much bigger importance over the next few years. If you have the itch to get to a Gold Cup game while it’s still around, you’d be making a smart choice!



How do I buy cheap CONCACAF Gold Cup tickets?

As a soccer tournament that only comes around every two years, the CONCACAF Gold Cup generates a lot of buzz. And with rumors swirling that the tournament may cease to exist in coming years, soccer fans are more fired up than ever. Thankfully there’s a great way to get cheap last-minute Gold Cup tickets, and it’s not by buying them directly from the box office.

If you’re looking for affordable Gold Cup ticket prices, always turn to an online ticket marketplace. Resellers on these platforms buy at wholesale prices and pass those savings on to you – a win/win situation and the safest way to buy tickets online.


When do CONCACAF Gold Cup tickets go on sale?

CONCACAF Gold Cup tickets are on sale now, which means you could purchase them today. There’s usually no rush, however, as Gold Cup ticket prices tend to get more affordable the closer it gets to the day of the match. 

The trick here is that resellers will drop their ticket prices if they have seats that haven’t sold after some time. This ensures that they can at least break even on the investment they made when they purchased the tickets themselves. Smart soccer fans can use this fact to their advantage to score cheap last-minute Gold Cup tickets.


How much do CONCACAF Gold Cup tickets cost?

Unlike the rest of the world, the US doesn’t yet have a massive fan base for the soccer. This is actually good news for anyone looking for cheap last-minute Gold Cup tickets, as prices are quite affordable, especially if you rely on a quality ticket marketplace like Gametime to find the best seats in the house.

In general, you can find excellent CONCACAF Gold Cup ticket prices in the $50 range for just about every upcoming match. More expensive tickets closer to the pitch, or those for matches near the end of the tournament, are usually around the $150 mark, though this varies from venue to venue.


Where does the CONCACAF Gold Cup take place?

This year, the CONCACAF Gold Cup will take place over a number of different matches all over the United States.  Host arenas include Allianz Field in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Red Bull Arena in New York City, and Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles – just to name a few. The final match will take place at Soldier Field in Chicago.


When does the CONCACAF Gold Cup take place?

The CONCACAF Gold Cup takes place over several weeks during the summer. Beginning times can vary each year, but the 2019 Gold Cup starts on June 15th. Matches are scheduled on the 15th, the 18th through the 26th, the 29th and 30th, the 2nd and 3rd of July, and then culminate on the 7th of July.

For now, the matchups between teams aren’t set in stone, as early performances will determine which teams play one another as the championship progresses.

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