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Brooklyn Nets Tickets
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Nets vs. Raptors Tickets

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About Nets vs. Raptors

Raptors vs Nets Tickets

If you’re looking for a budding NBA rivalry with serious potential, look no further than the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets. The two teams have shared real estate inside the Atlantic Division since 2004 and now find themselves as two of the rising powers in the Eastern Conference. A few recent playoff meetings have also helped to ignite the flame of this rivalry, which has a lot more history than most people think. This rivalry has the potential to become one of the next great rivalries in the Eastern Conference.

Raptors vs Nets

Ironically, the Raptors played their first-ever game as a franchise against the Nets. But things didn’t start to take off until 2004 when the two teams were placed in the same division, and the Raptors traded Vince Carter to the Nets. Carter was Toronto’s favorite son, and seeing him play for the Nets made Toronto fans hate the Nets. It hurt, even more, when Carter and the Nets beat the Raptors in the first round of the 2007 playoffs. The rivalry took another step forward with a fierce seven-game playoff series in 2014 won by the Nets two years after their move to Brooklyn. The Raptors finally got some redemption when they swept the Nets in the first round of the 2020 playoffs. By that point, both teams were on the rise, setting the stage for a rivalry to blossom.

It’s hard to find two better venues for a rivalry like this to unfold than Scotiabank Arena and the Barclays Center. Scotiabank Arena is Canada’s premier indoor sports venue and creates a raucous environment whenever the Raptors play at home. Meanwhile, the Barclays Center has quickly become the crown jewel of NBA arenas for its amazing exterior architecture and incredible fan-friendly amenities. 

Finding Cheap Raptors vs Nets Tickets

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Whether you want Raptors tickets for a game at Scotiabank Arena or you prefer Nets tickets so you can check out the Barclays Center, we’ll be happy to help. Just let us know that this is the matchup you’re dying to see, and we’ll help you get your hands on the cheapest Raptors vs Nets tickets we can find.