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Los Angeles Lakers Tickets
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Lakers vs. Heat Tickets

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About Lakers vs. Heat

Miami Heat vs Lakers Tickets

In some ways, the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are complete opposites. They play on opposite sides of the country and only play each other twice every season. The Lakers are also a much older franchise while the Heat was born in 1988. On the other hand, the Heat and Lakers are strikingly similar. They both play in warm-weather cities that are all about glitz and glamour. More importantly, both franchises are accustomed to winning and strive to compete at a championship level. Somewhere along the line, those similarities helped the Heat and Lakers forge a fascinating rivalry.

Heat vs Lakers

Throughout most of the 2010s, the star power in every Lakers-Heat game was off the charts. The Lakers, of course, and the legendary Kobe Bryant while the Heat had the “Big Three” led by LeBron James. During that time, the hype surrounding every game between the Heat and Lakers was insane. With LeBron leaving Miami and ultimately winding up with the Lakers, there will forever be a connection between Miami and Los Angeles that will help create incredible hype and anticipation whenever the two teams play one another.

Of course, it helps that the Heat and Lakers play in two of the NBA’s most iconic arenas. American Airlines Arena in Miami is one of the few sports venues that sits on the banks of a body of water, helping it embody the vibe of Miami. It’s also filled with passionate, white-clad Heat fans on a nightly basis. Meanwhile, the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles is one of the most important sports and entertainment venues in the country and is filled with a combination of dedicated fans and Hollywood stars during every Lakers home game.

Finding Cheap Heat vs Lakers Tickets

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