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Charlotte Hornets Tickets
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Hornets vs. Bulls Tickets

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About Hornets vs. Bulls

Bulls vs Hornets Tickets

For sports franchises with the track record of the Chicago Bulls, teams are lining up to be your rival. The Charlotte Hornets are no exception to that. Not only are the Hornets a little short on natural rivals, but these two teams shared a division throughout the 1990s and met in the playoffs a couple of times during Chicago’s dynasty years. While the Bulls and Hornets no longer share a strong rivalry, every time they meet is a special occasion, especially from Charlotte’s perspective.

Bulls vs Hornets

As a pro sports franchise, the Hornets have a short and complicated history. They were born in 1988 and had a fair amount of success during the 1990s, behind the likes of Larry Johnson, Mugsy Bogues, and Glen Rice. Of course, they were always overshadowed by teams like the Bulls. The franchise then disappeared for a couple of years before being reborn as the Bobcats and ultimately becoming the Hornets again in 2014. It’s been a long journey for Charlotte, and one that has not included a lot of winning during the 21st century. However, fans at the Spectrum Center, which is also known as The Hive, have remained loyal and continued to fill one of the most underrated venues in the NBA.

Of course, there is no shortage of pride and prestige in Chicago Bulls history. The team was always competitive, but things went to another level under Michael Jordan, who led Chicago to two separate three-peats during the 1990s, making the Bulls one of the most accomplished organizations in NBA history. Even though the Bulls have struggled to live up to that proud history, the United Center has remained full of loyal fans just waiting for the day when the Bulls are championship contenders again.

Finding Cheap Bulls vs Hornets Tickets

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