Published: Jan. 06, 2019

Finding the Cheapest Super Bowl LV Tickets


Super Bowl tickets didn’t always cost an arm and a leg. We long for the days of the very first Super Bowl when you could get in the door for as little as six bucks. Today, avid football fans are shelling out thousands of dollars to see their team play — and that’s just for the nosebleeds!

So, what’s the deal? Are Super Bowl tickets reserved only for celebs and NFL royalty? It may seem that way, given that there are more famous faces along the 50-yard line than on the halftime show stage. But the truth is that you, too, can be a Super Bowl ticket holder without having to fork over more than the cost of a used Honda Civic, and Gametime is here to help you make it happen. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best price for Super Bowl tickets.


Super Bowl tickets straight from the NFL? Good Luck.

We know what you’re thinking: why can’t I just buy Super Bowl tickets directly from the NFL? Unfortunately, these days the general public isn’t able to purchase face-value tickets directly. In fact, not even season ticket holders are guaranteed access to face-value tickets — you have to be an NFL season ticket holder and win a lottery drawing for the chance to buy tickets.

For the rest of us, straight-from-the-NFL Super Bowl tickets are only available with the addition of “On Location” concierge-level services. These tickets come bundled with access to an all-inclusive pregame party, among other perks. Sounds great at first glance, but these tickets and their add-on experiences can cost a lot. 


If you’re not getting Super Bowl tickets from the NFL, then where?

Unless you’re moonlighting as a successful online poker star, you may not be able to purchase Super Bowl tickets directly from the NFL. Odds are you’re not a season ticket holder either — and even if you are, you’ll still need luck on your side to be picked in the lottery. Don’t give up, though. There are still ample ways to get your hands on Super Bowl tickets. If you’re dying to make all your childhood dreams come true without emptying your retirement fund, your best bet is buying through an online ticket marketplace like Gametime. In fact, Gametime offers Super Bowl tickets at a much more affordable price than you would pay if you bought them directly from the NFL, even after taking Gametime’s modest service fees into account.


How do ticket marketplaces offer such great prices?

Seems crazy, doesn’t it? That ticket marketplaces like Gametime can offer Super Bowl tickets for a fraction of their face value price. The fact is that resellers typically buy tickets in bulk at a discount, giving them more flexibility in the price at which they list the tickets. Ticket brokers will then resell tickets at prices that, while below retail, still allow them to turn a nice profit. It’s a win-win-win: the NFL sells tickets, brokers earn money, and you get the best price for Super Bowl tickets.


Here’s the real secret: play the waiting game.

Bottom line: buying from a ticket marketplace like Gametime will get you the best prices for Super Bowl tickets. But there’s an important buying strategy that you should keep in mind — if you’re looking for the best prices possible, hold off on purchasing until the last minute. If you can manage to wait, you’re more likely to get better seats at an unbeatable price.

It’s almost universally true that as game day gets closer, Super Bowl tickets become easier to obtain. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and ticket prices can vary based on factors like weather, location, and the team match-up itself. But since unsold tickets don’t make resellers any money, the closer it gets to game day the more motivated resellers get to get rid of those seats. That’s good news for you.


Why Gametime is the only ticket marketplace for Super Bowl LV...

So, you’ve got a solid strategy in place: buy your Super Bowl seats from a ticket marketplace and wait as long as possible to get the best prices. Enter: Gametime. Our platform has some of the lowest service fees in the business, and all purchases are backed by our ironclad buyer guarantee. Buying tickets through Gametime means you’ll always get your tickets in time for your event, which is never more important than the Super Bowl.

We’ve got your back in more ways than one. Our virtual seating chart shows what you’ll see from every seat in every stadium. When it comes to the Super Bowl tickets, you’ll know exactly what your seat view will be in Raymond James Stadium without ever stepping foot inside—no surprises.

Gametime is the best choice for buying tickets to the Super Bowl — or any other stadium or arena event, for that matter. Our customer service is unmatched, and we challenge you to find a better price elsewhere!

Check it out for yourself and get the best price for Super Bowl tickets today!




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