FedExForum Concert Seating Chart Explained, the Best Place to Sit

If there’s one thing to know about the city of Memphis, it’s that it has a long and storied musical tradition. From blues to gospel to rock n’ roll, Memphis has been a focal point of many genres of music. Over the years, the city has also given birth to plenty of prominent musicians. With such a rich musical history, Memphis remains a frequent stop for most touring musicians regardless of what genre of music they fit in. Of course, there is no shortage of great music venues in Bluff City. However, the most prominent acts that attract the biggest crowds tend to play at FedExForum events. FedExForum is located near the famous Beale Street and also serves as the home of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and the University of Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team. To help you get the best seats possible for the next great Memphis concert, let’s take a close look at the FedExForum concert seating chart.

Getting Close

If your top priority for a concert at FedExForum is getting as close to the stage as possible, you have several options. First, FedExForum offers a pit area that is directly in front of the stage. This area is so close that you could almost shake hands with the performer. However, there are no sits in the pit area; guests will have to stand throughout the entire show, which is better for some concerts than others.

In addition to the pit area at FedExForum, floor seats can also get you close to the stage. Floor Sections 1-3 will be as close to possible to the stage while other Floor Sections 4 and above will be a little further back. However, the exact layout of the floor sections can differ from one concert to the next. Some performers have specifications that can alter how close each floor section is to the stage. It’s also worth noting that some concerts won’t always have physical seats in the floor section. For some concerts, these areas are general admission and will require guests to stand for the duration of the show. Nevertheless, this is the best way to get close to the stage.

On the End

Outside of the pit area and floor sections, it’s still possible to get close to the stage. Sections 103-105 and 114-116 are part of the regular seating at FedExForum and on the side of the stage during concerts. Unlike seats on the floor, these sections don’t provide a straight-ahead view of the performer. However, they will provide a close-up view of the performer from a side angle. Also, since these sections are part of the regular stadium seating, they have a little elevation and will help you get a full view of the entire stage, which is useful for some concerts more than others.

Specifically, sections 103 and 116 will get you the closest to the stage short of sitting in the pit areas or finding floor seats. The only caveat is that these sections are in the corner of the arena. That means they are angled rather than running parallel to the stage. Of course, they are also a little closer to the stage than sections 104, 105, 114, and 115.

Straight-Ahead View

If you can’t get tickets on the floor or pit area but still want a straight-ahead view of the stage, your best bet at FedExForum events will be sections 109 and 110. These sections are located directly across from the stage, putting you head-on with the performer. The only potential problem is that they are on the opposite side of the arena. It would be akin to sitting directly behind one basket on a basketball court, but the entire game being played at the opposite basket. The detail you’ll be able to see in sections 109 and 110 may not compare with seats that are closer to the stage. On the bright side, these sections have impeccable sightlines, giving you a little elevation and a clear view of the stage.

Places to Avoid

While there aren’t many bad places to sit during FedExForum events, there are a few spots that you may want to avoid if you can. Specifically, sections 106, 107, 112, and 113 aren’t great options. These sections are midway between having a straight-ahead view of the stage and being close to the end of the stage. Rather than being the best of both worlds, these sections of FedExForum are the worst for concerts. They aren’t particularly close to the stage, and they are at an odd angle to the stage. Even if the alternative option involves sitting at a higher level of the arena, it may be worthwhile to avoid sections 106, 107, 112, and 113.

Helpful Hints

If you end up with concert tickets that aren’t particularly close to the stage at FedExForum, the venue offers binocular rentals. Guest Relation Centers at sections 101 and 202 allow visitors to rent binoculars for $20, with $10 refunded when you bring the binoculars back after the concert.

Finally, concert-goers should arrive at FedExForum a little early. For starters, the venue has some incredible concession options, which you’d expect at a Memphis arena. Also, the concourse walls of FedExForum are covered with album posters and pictures of many well-known musicians. It’s worth walking around before a show just to see some of the memorabilia on the wall.


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