Published: Jan. 15, 2020

6 Questions to Prepare You for Super Bowl LIV


The Super Bowl is almost here, and the energy is palpable. The teams are starting to dwindle down, and the Super Bowl picture is becoming more clear as the days pass. There’s still no answer to who we will watch come to Super Bowl Sunday, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be a classic game. As the remaining teams battle it out, let’s get everyone on the same page so we are all prepared for the big game this year.


1. What time does Super Bowl LIV start?

Super Bowl LIV kicks off at 6:30 P.M Eastern Standard Time. FOX will air the game in several different ways. For watching the game via cable, check your local listings for the local FOX channel. The game can also be watched on the FOX app. You can also stream the game via these services:

  • CBS:, CBS App and CBS on cable services
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are among the social networks that let fans stream the game for free
  • NFL Game Pass
  • HULU Live TV: Be sure to check if Hulu Live TV CBS is available in your area
  • PlayStation Vue
  • YouTube TV
  • Westwood One Radio for (audio only)

The time of the Super Bowl has gotten later and later in the day over the decades, dating back to being early afternoon in the 70s. Researches have found that the number of viewers increased if the game starts around 6:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. With all of the pre-shows, commercials, and post-shows, the full-time slot for the Super Bowl can run between 5-6 hours on average.

As for who will compete in the Super Bowl and will win the Lombardy Trophy, these are the current odds:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +135
  • San Francisco 49ers +165
  • Green Bay Packers +650
  • Tennessee Titans +650

The halftime show will be sponsored by Pepsi and will be hosting both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.


2. When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIV will air on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. The Super Bowl typically airs two Sundays after the last NFL Conference Championship Game and one week after the NFL Pro Bowl Game. This is to allow teams to be ready for the Super Bowl, including players’ rest time, travel time, and enough time for media interviews and practices.


3. Where is Super Bowl LIV being held?

Super Bowl LIV is being hosted in Miami Gardens, Florida, at the Hard Rock Stadium. The Hard Rock Stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins as well as the NCAA Miami Hurricanes and the Orange Bowl. The venue has hosted five Super Bowls in the past, the most recent being Super Bowl 44, New Orleans’ first Super Bowl win in franchise history. The 2020 Pro Bowl will also be held here prior to the Super Bowl. With Super Bowl LIV, Miami will set a new record as a Super Bowl host city with 11 games played here, followed by New Orleans with 10.


4. How Are Super Bowl Stadiums Chosen?

To be considered as a Super Bowl host city, you must meet certain criteria. First, the weather, that plays a major factor in any outdoor football game and in Super Bowl particularly, since it’s usually played at the end of January or early February. That’s why the NFL has tried to choose host cities with warmer climates. If a city with a rough winter gets a Super Bowl bid, it must have a dome. Secondly, many of the upcoming Super Bowls will be held in newer stadiums. Mercedes-Benz Stadium was completed in 2017 and hosted last year’s Super Bowl. This year the game is at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, which opened in 1987 but had huge renovations done in 2015. Los Angeles will host next year’s Super Bowl game, right on time for the stadium’s inauguration. Last but not least, thousands of people will be traveling to reach the host city which should be able to function efficiently despite the traffic. This means having easy access in and out of the city, a variety of hotels, restaurants, and other necessary accommodations for such a big crowd. Having an airport nearby is always a huge plus too.


5. Who won Super Bowl LIII in 2019?

Super Bowl LIII, or Super Bowl 53, was held at Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 3rd, 2019. The New England Patriots played the Los Angeles Rams and won their sixth Super Bowl in what would be the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game ever.

The game was a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI between the Patriots and the Rams; the Rams at the time were based in St. Louis. However, only one player, Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady, remained on either roster from that contest. Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ head coach in the previous contest, also remained in that position for this game. Super Bowl LIII featured record-setting age differences between each team’s starting quarterbacks and head coaches, pitting 41-year-old Brady against 24-year-old Jared Goff, as well as 66-year-old Belichick against 33-year-old Sean McVay.

Super Bowl LIII also saw the smallest Super Bowl audience in over ten years. Factors of this significant drop were the low-scoring rate, the inability for either team to score points and lackluster halftime show with Maroon 5 as the headliner.


6. What team has the most Super Bowl wins?

The New England Patriots are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers with the most Super Bowl victories after their win at Super Bowl 53. The Steelers won a majority of their Super Bowls in the 70s behind the Steel Curtain. The Patriots won most of their Super Bowls in the 2000s. The Patriots have registered the highest Super Bowl presence rate with 11 appearances in franchise history. Tom Brady also holds 3 Super Bowl MVP awards.

Of the remaining teams, the San Francisco 49ers currently have 5 Super Bowl wins and is the only team still in playoffs who can tie the record. The Green Bay Packers have 4, the Kansas City Chiefs have just 1, and the Titans have never won any Super Bowl. 

The Packers beat the Chiefs in the first-ever Super Bowl, so it would undoubtedly be historical if the Chiefs and Packers played each other once again in the Super Bowl on the 100th Anniversary of the league.



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