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selling tickets with Gametime?
Why should I sell my tickets on Gametime?
Are my tickets guaranteed to sell?
Can I also list my tickets on other platforms?
What if my tickets sell somewhere else first?
Why can’t I adjust the listing price of my tickets?
How does the "minimum price" work?
Why am I required to have a payment method on file for selling?
When can I list tickets I bought on Gametime?
How late can I remove my tickets?
How will I get paid?
When will I get paid?
Why are the payout amounts different for Gametime credit and PayPal?
I have several tickets together – can I sell only a few?
What happens if the event is cancelled?
How can I increase my chances of selling?
Why were my tickets rejected?
What if my tickets don’t sell?
I sold my ticket, but I changed my mind. Can I get it back?
I sold my ticket, but I’m unhappy with the price. What can I do?