Tips for Getting Garth Brooks Tickets

When it comes to modern Country Music stars, there’s no one as successful as Garth Brooks. In fact, he’s won just about every musical award possible in his 20-30 year career.

His talent has grown since he started, though it was impressive, to begin with. The practice he’s had and the way his voice has evolved over the years has won him fans all over the world.

That’s right – while Country Music is thought to be an America-only thing, Garth has fans as far as Japan!  If you’re one of his US fans, you should feel lucky. He tours much more often nationally than internationally.

Here are three tips for getting Garth Brooks tickets, below.

Who Is This Global Superstar?

If you know more about the music than the man, then we have a treat for you. Garth’s life is just as exciting and varied as his music.

He was born almost 60 years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He sang in church growing up but didn’t pursue music as a hobby, per se, until he went to Oklahoma State University. It was there that he started performing at bars and clubs, laying the groundwork for his future career.

Those young college students didn’t know how lucky they were to see Garth at this stage. Soon after graduating, he moved to Nashville, then got signed to Capitol Records in 1989, a few years before he turned 30.

His first album, Garth Brooks, did about as well as any debut album can. His second and third albums did better, and even better respectively, both spending a significant amount of time at number one on the Country charts.

Since then, he’s put out 19 more albums, for a grand total of 22. That’s quite the discography to choose from when he goes to perform.

Speaking of performing, here are some great tips about how to see him live!

Tips for Getting Garth Brooks Tickets

Getting tickets to see Garth Brooks isn’t always easy. As we said, the man has millions of fans all around the globe. He’s so loved, in fact, he beat out The Beatles as the Best Selling Artist of the Soundscan Era, which lasted from 1990-2010.

Concert venues know what a big deal Garth is, and they hike up their ticket prices, in hopes that they can profit off of Garth’s success – and profit they do.

Their corporate greed means that you pay more for worse seats. Or at least it would if you didn’t use the Gametime App.

Our app makes it as easy as possible to get tickets. You can find a show, browse tickets, see their quality ratings, and purchase them all in less than 5 minutes.

Using the Seat Review Ratings for Great Garth Brooks Tickets

One of the Gametime features we love the most is the seat location rating system.

You can sort tickets in two ways to see the reviews. Either look at the venue map with seat prices or scroll down the list of ticket prices. You’ll see that just because a certain seat is cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean it has a bad view.

Get Rewarded for Sharing With Friends

Another great thing about Gametime is how easy it makes sharing and transferring tickets between friends.

First of all, if your friends sign up for Gametime using your link, you both get $5 off your next ticket purchase.

Second, if you’re the designated ticket buyer, all you need is an email to share their tickets with them in-app.

Have some friends that want to come last minute? Sign in to your app, go to your tickets, and click “find nearby seats.” Those seats may not be right next to you, but you could be in the same row or section!

Everything is Guaranteed

Garth Brooks is the real deal, and you want your tickets to see him to be the real deal, too. They will be if you buy with Gametime since there’s both time-related and validity ticket guarantee.

If your tickets don’t arrive on time or don’t work at the door, you get 100% of your money back!



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