March Madness Final Four 2022: Schedule, Tickets, and More

For college basketball fans, March is the best time of year. The March Madness schedule is loaded with games, starting with conference tournaments and continuing to the NCAA Tournament. Of course, it all ends with the Final Four, and getting Final Four tickets is the dream for every diehard basketball fan, especially if their favorite school has made it all of the way to the Final Four. If you have any interest in attending the Final Four in 2022, here is what you need to know.


When is the Final Four

The first thing you need to know is when and where the Final Four is taking place. The national semifinals are scheduled for Saturday, April 2, while the championship game will be on Monday, April 4. All three games will be played at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, which will be hosting the Final Four for the sixth time and has been the site of some amazing Final Fours in the past.

Individual or Session Tickets?

If you’re going to the Final Four, there is a choice between seeing an individual game or getting an all-session package that will put you in the arena for all three games. If you’ve never been to the Final Four before, we suggest getting an all-session package so that you can soak in all that the event has to offer. Single-game tickets are more for fans of a specific team. If their team loses, diehard fans don’t always want to stick around to watch the other games. Of course, if their team wins, fans could be left without a ticket for Monday’s championship game, meaning they’ll need to find a last-minute ticket on the secondary market.

Where to Sit at the Superdome

Since the Superdome is typically used for football, things are a little different when it hosts the Final Four. The basketball court is placed right around midfield, allowing fans sitting in all corners of the arena to see the action. There are also temporary seats set up on what is usually the playing surface for football.

For basketball games at the Superdome, the absolutely best seats are in sections 114 and 142, which are located right at mid-court. Sections 113, 115, 141, and 143 are also close to mid-court and in the lower level close to the court. However, those aren’t the only places to find great seats at the Final Four. Sections 311-313 and 335-337 also offer a view that’s close to mid-court, albeit from a higher elevation. In the highest level of the venue, sections 613-615 and 639-641 have the best vantage point of the entire court. However, since the highest level of the Superdome is almost a perfect sphere, there are no bad seats if you don’t mind being a little far from the court.

Weekend Events

During the Final Four, the two games on Saturday night and the title game on Monday are the least that New Orleans has to offer that weekend. On Friday, fans are encouraged to come to the Superdome to see the four teams go through their final practice before Saturday’s games. While the practice is usually a glorified walkthrough, it’s a chance to see the teams up close. There are also giveaways and other fan-friendly activities during this free event.

Every day from Friday to Monday, fans can also visit the Convention Center in New Orleans for Final Four Fan Fest. The event is full of games and activities that are fun for people of all ages. It’s also the spot where celebrities and famous athletes make appearances and sign autographs for fans. The Fan Fest is an important part of the Final Four experience, helping fans get ready for the action on the court.

Finally, there is a free tailgate party right outside of the Superdome for fans on Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights. There is food, entertainment, and a variety of other activities for fans to enjoy. It’s the best place for fans to visit before heading into the stadium, even if they only have tickets for one game.

Tips for Buying Final Four Tickets


For an event as popular as the Final Four, it’s not always easy finding cheap and affordable tickets. But it’s possible if you know a few tricks of the trade. For starters, stick to the secondary market and don’t be afraid to wait until a couple of days before the Final Four. When the Final Four spots are decided the previous weekend, there is usually an immediate rush to find tickets, increasing the demand. However, that demand slows down after a few days, at which point prices on the secondary market start to come down. If you can be a little patient, you can often find a better deal.

Also, be sure to compare the cost of all-session tickets with individual tickets. Different fans will have different preferences for this. But keep in mind that the cost of an all-session ticket should be divided by three to figure out the cost of attending each game. In that sense, all-session tickets sometimes offer more value than just buying tickets to one game during the Final Four.

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