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White River Amphitheatre Tickets

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About White River Amphitheatre

White River Amphitheatre

White River Amphitheatre is an outside music venue located on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation in Auburn, Washington. It’s roughly 35 miles from Seattle and 20 miles from Tacoma in the western part of the state. A metal roof covers the stage and all of the reserved seating area, although there are no walls and the roof doesn’t extend to the general admission lawn area. Including the lawn, White River Amphitheatre can hold roughly 16,000 people. The venue opened in 2003 and has hosted many prominent artists and music festivals, including Heart, Jimmy Buffett, Iron Maiden, and Ozzfest.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at White River Amphitheatre

Sections 1 and 2 at White River Amphitheatre will put guests as close to the stage as possible. Sections 3-5 are located directly behind 1 and 2 and are also a short distance to the stage with section 4 offering a straight-ahead view of the performer. Sections 205-207, while further back, also offer a head-on view of the stage. Those sitting on the lawn will have a good view of the stage, albeit from a considerable distance, but they won’t be protected from rain or the sun.


Tips for Visiting White River Amphitheatre

As with any venue that’s located in a somewhat rural area, it’s wise to give yourself extra travel time when going to a show at White River Amphitheatre. Parking there is free, even for buses and RVs, but traffic is often prevalent when a big crowd is expected, as there aren’t many ways to get to the venue. 

Also, if you have general admission tickets, don’t forget that the lawn is uncovered, so be prepared for any weather that might come your way. Fortunately, you’re free to bring your own lawn chairs, as long as they’re no more than 9’’ off the ground. Bringing your own food to the venue is also allowed, but only in a clear, one-gallon bag.


Foods to Try at White River Amphitheatre 

If you don’t bring your own food to the concert, there is a small village of food and beverage options located just outside the seating area. The Bear House and Wolf House are two of the more prominent options inside the grounds of White River Amphitheatre. It’s also common for Seattle-based food trucks to set up shop during concerts and festivals. Finally, there is no shortage of beer gardens at White River Amphitheatre. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is White River Amphitheatre located?

This music venue is located on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation in Auburn, Washington.


What kind of events does White River Amphitheatre host?

Since opening in 2003, White River Amphitheatre events have included concerts by many prominent artists and music festivals, including Heart, Jimmy Buffett, Iron Maiden, and Ozzfest.


Which team is playing at White River Amphitheatre?

As this is a music venue no team plays here.


Where can I park for free at White River Amphitheatre?

Ample parking is available at the venue on a first come first serve basis. The parking fee is included in the ticket price. 


What is the seating capacity of White River Amphitheatre?

White River Amphitheatre concerts can hold up to 16,000 screaming fans.


Who owns White River Amphitheatre?

The amphitheater is owned by Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises.


How do I get to White River Amphitheatre using public transport?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many public transport routes for White River Amphitheater concerts. However, as there is plenty of free parking available, so reaching the venue shouldn’t be a problem.