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About Showbox SoDo

Showbox SoDo

Showbox SoDo is a music venue in Seattle. As its name implies, it’s located in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, close to CenturyLink Field and T-Mobile Park. The building is actually a former warehouse that was turned into a concert venue. Since opening in 2007, the Showbox SoDo has hosted many prominent artists, adding to the rich history of the Seattle music scene. Compared to other venues, it’s smaller and more intimate, so most visitors should have a good view of the stage and performer.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Showbox SoDo

Unlike some music venues, there is no formal seating chart at the Showbox SoDo. All concerts at the venue are general admission. Most of the time, it’s standing room only on the main floor that’s in front of the stage. That means fans who get there early will be able to stake out a spot close to the stage while those arriving later will have fewer options. The only seating in the venue is in the bar area, although seating is limited. 


Tips for Visiting the Showbox SoDo

If standing in a large crowd in the general admission area isn’t your cup of tea, the bar area at the Showbox SoDo does have some seating available. Table service is available for those sitting there, although if you don’t get a table by the start of the show, you may not get one. While it’s a little further from the stage than the general admission area, the bar does offer a decent view of the performer. It’s also important to know that beer and wine can be carried from the bar area into the general admission area near the stage, but mixed drinks and non-alcoholic drinks must remain in the bar area.


Foods to Try at the Showbox SoDo

While there are several restaurants within walking distance of the Showbox SoDo, the venue does have a full menu. The food options within the venue are largely limited to pizza, burgers, and other traditional pub fare. However, there’s enough of a selection considering that music rather than food is the primary reason for visiting the Showbox SoDo.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Showbox SoDo located?

Showbox SoDo is located in Seattle, Washington. 


What kind of events does Showbox SoDo host?

Showbox SoDo concerts are the main event. Many artists have taken the stage at this venue including, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, Dave Matthews, Kanye West, Lorde, Robbie Williams, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, Public Enemy, and many many more. 


Which team is playing at Showbox SoDo?

As this is a live music venue no team plays here.


Where can I park for free at Showbox SoDo?

There are a number of public parking lots and garages available for fans attending Showbox SoDo concerts. Generally speaking, the further you park from the venue the cheaper the parking. 


What is the seating capacity of Showbox SoDo? 

Showbox SoDo concerts can host up to 1,150 fans.


Who owns Showbox SoDo?

Showbox SoDo is owned by AEG Live.


How do I get to Showbox SoDo using public transport?

Fans wishing to save a few bucks when attending Showbox SoDo events can turn to public transport. The Link Light Rail and numerous bus routes serve the venue, the closest station is Stadium station which is a 15-minute walk away.