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About Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium is a football stadium in Columbus, Ohio that serves as the home field of the Ohio State Buckeyes. It has been the home of Ohio State football since it opened in 1922. The stadium has a capacity of over 100,000 people with an attendance record of 110,045 that was set in 2016. Ohio Stadium is located on the Ohio State campus and also goes by the nickname of “The Horseshoe.” When it’s not being used for Ohio State football games, Ohio Stadium is also used as a concert venue.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Ohio Stadium

For Ohio Stadium sporting events, the best seats for a view close to the action will be in sections 19AA, 20AA, 21AA, and 22AA. These sections all have limited space but offer views near the middle of the field and easy access to the concourse. Sections 19AA and 21AA will be on the Ohio State sideline behind the bench area while 20AA and 22AA will be behind the bench of the visiting team. Club seating is also available that will keep you close to the 50-yard line. 

At Ohio Stadium concerts, the VIP Sandbar will get you the closest to the stage. If that’s not available, floor sections C, D, and E will be close to the stage and have a straight-ahead view of the performer. Meanwhile, floor sections A and G will also be close to the stage, although on the side of the stage. In general stadium seating, sections 23AA-28AA will get you the closest to the stage but with a side view of the performer. Sections 5AA-8AA will have a head-on view of the stage but from a considerable distance.


Tips for Visiting Ohio Stadium

Visitors to Ohio Stadium should know that every Ohio State football game is a massive event. Getting there a few hours before kickoff will help you get the full experience. One thing visiting fans should try to catch is something called the Skull Session in which the Ohio State marching band walks from the stadium to nearby St. John Arena to perform. The team will then show up at the concert before walking through a massive collection of fans to the stadium. 


Foods to Try at Ohio Stadium

The good options at Ohio Stadium have improved considerably in recent years. All corners of the stadium have unique concessions, so there are good options no matter where you’re sitting. In addition to traditional stadium fare, Ohio Stadium has vendors who offer gyros, brisket, lobster rolls, chicken & waffles, and several Panera Bread locations. In a unique twist, outside section 6C, there is a vendor called Taste of the Competition that makes specialty burgers based on the region of that week’s opponent.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ohio Stadium located?

Ohio Stadium is a football stadium located on the Ohio State campus in Columbus, Ohio.  


What kind of events does Ohio Stadium host?

When it’s not being used for Ohio State football games, Ohio Stadium is also used as a concert venue.


Which team is playing at Ohio Stadium?

Since it opened in 1922, the stadium has been the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA). 


Where can I park for free at Ohio Stadium?

Parking is available for Ohio Stadium events on a first-come, first-served basis. The charge for these lots and garages is $20. All garages are credit card only while all surface Lots are cash only. Those holding current valid Ohio State Parking Permits may park in these lots free of charge by showing your annual CampusParc Event Access Keycard. 


What is the seating capacity of Ohio Stadium?

Ohio Stadium events have a capacity of over 100,000 people with an attendance record of 110,045 that was set in 2016.


Who owns Ohio Stadium?

Ohio Stadium is owned by Ohio State University. 


How do I get to Ohio Stadium using public transport?

Shuttle service to Ohio Stadium events is available free of charge for guests who park on the west campus Carmack Lots. The COTA also provides Express Service from the Ohio Expo Center at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and COTA’s Crosswoods Park & Ride during home games. And, there’s always taxis for those wishing to leave the car at home.