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Microsoft Theater Tickets

About Microsoft Theater

Microsoft Theater 

With more than 7000 seats, the Microsoft Theater, located in downtown Los Angeles, is one of the largest indoor stages in the country. It’s also one of the newest and most modern indoor music and performance venues in the United States, having been built in 2007, making it just over 13 years old.

The History of the Microsoft Theater

Owned and operated by AEG, one of the biggest entertainment venue management companies in the world, the Microsoft Theater was originally known as the Nokia Theatre LA Live when it first opened its doors. Once Nokia’s mobile phone division was picked up by Microsoft in 2014, though, the naming rights were passed along as well. This prompted the name change to Microsoft Theatre in 2015. The plaza surrounding the theater, once known as LA Live, was also renamed as part of the deal, first being known as Microsoft Square and now going by Xbox Plaza.

What Makes Microsoft Theater Events So Special?

The Microsoft Theater has a little something for everyone. Whether it’s a pro sports event, a game company press conference, an award show, a local or national music act, a world-renowned comedian, or anything else, you and 7000 of your closest friends can have the time of your lives for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Microsoft Theater located?

Microsoft Theater is located downtown Los Angeles, California. 

What kind of events does Microsoft Theater host?

Despite its relative youth, the Microsoft Theater has seen plenty of big-name action. It’s especially popular as a venue for award shows, such as the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards, the ESPY Awards, the Game Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, and the BET Awards to name just a few!

The Microsoft Theater is more than just award shows. It’s a well-known venue for game company events, with Microsoft and Nintendo using it often for big reveals and press conferences, and it’s also a common venue for professional boxing bouts. It’s also scheduled to host the weightlifting competition for the 2028 Olympics – and that’s in addition to all the music and comedy acts that grace its stage around the clock!

Which team is playing at Microsoft Theater?

As this is a music venue no team plays here. 

Where can I park for free at Microsoft Theater?

The venue has a number of lots available for Microsoft Theater event-goers, and prices start at $10 depending on the lot and length of stay. 

What is the seating capacity of Microsoft Theater?

Microsoft Theater events can accommodate up to 7,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Microsoft Theater?

Microsoft Theater is owned by the Anschutz Entertainment Group.

How do I get to Microsoft Theater using public transport?

There are many forms of transportation to Microsoft Theater events, including Metro Rail and Metro buses which frequently stop near Microsoft Theater. 

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