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Warriors vs Mavericks Tickets

In sports, some of the most memorable exciting occasions are upsets that nobody saw coming, especially when they come in the postseason. Of course, there are two sides to every playoff upset. There’s the surprising team that gets to move on when people left them for dead and there’s the team with such high expectations and aspirations that they’ll never reach. In a way, the two teams involved in a memorable upset are forever linked, which is the case with the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks.


Warriors vs Mavericks

During the 2007 NBA playoffs, the Mavs were the top seed in the Western Conference. They were coming off a disappointing loss in the NBA Finals the previous year and were an astounding 67-15 during the regular season. Meanwhile, the Warriors were the lowly 8th seed that was just happy to have broken a 12-year playoff drought. Alas, it was Golden State that pulled off the epic upset in six games over the league’s best team and the clear favorites to win it all. Afterward, the Mavs had to wait another five years to win their first NBA title in franchise history and ultimately settled for just one title during the Dirk Nowitzki era in which they were one of the premier teams in the Western Conference.

To this day, there’s a little extra edge whenever the Warriors and Mavericks cross paths. The animosity is surely there at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, especially since the Warriors created a dynasty by winning three NBA titles in a four-year span. Of course, fans at the Chase Center, the new home of the Warriors, have fond memories whenever Golden State welcomes the Mavericks to town.


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