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Atlanta Hawks Tickets
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Hawks vs. Wizards Tickets

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About Hawks vs. Wizards

Wizards vs Hawks Tickets

Some rivalries make headlines every time those two teams meet. However, other rivalries slowly develop over time and kind of sneak up on you, which has been the case with the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks. In addition to meeting regularly as members of the Southeast division, the Wizards and Hawks met twice in the playoffs in three years, adding a little sizzle to a rivalry between two teams trying to establish themselves among the top teams in the Eastern Conference.


Wizards vs Hawks

It’s worth noting that the Wizards and Hawks have played plenty of important games against one another during their history. Back when the Wizards were known as the bullets and the Hawks were loaded in St. Louis, they collided with the Hawks in the playoffs in 1965 and 1966. They met again in the postseason in back-to-back years in 1978 and 1979, with the Wizards knocking off the Hawks on both occasions on their way to winning the NBA title in 1978 and returning to the NBA Finals in 1979.

Perhaps the best part of the budding rivalry between the Wizards and Hawks is that both teams have the perfect arena to host high-intensity games. Since 1997, the Wizards have been playing their home games at Capital One Arena, which is located in the heart of Washington and one of the best sports venues on the east coast. The Hawks, meanwhile, play at State Farm Arena, which has always paid close attention to the fan experience.


Finding Cheap Wizards vs Hawks Tickets

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