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Atlanta Hawks Tickets
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Hawks vs. Knicks Tickets

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About Hawks vs. Knicks

Knicks vs Hawks Tickets

Despite being around for over half a century, there aren’t too many teams that Atlanta Hawks count as their rivals. Of course, the New York Knicks are always an opponent that any team can put down as a marquee game on their schedule. The Hawks, despite a lot less notoriety, have been around nearly as long as the Knicks and have won nearly as many championships. Historically, both the Knicks and Hawks can be considered underachievers, which is a link that brings them together.


Knicks vs Hawks

While there have rarely been high-stakes playoff games between the Knicks and Hawks over the years, there’s no denying that the two teams know how to entertain fans when they share the same court. A great example of this came in 2017 when New York and Atlanta played four overtimes, making it one of a dozen or so games in NBA history to last that long. The game went back and forth throughout regulation and in the four overtime periods. In the end, the Hawks prevailed at home 142-139.

Whenever the Hawks and Knicks get together, it’s a safe bet that fans will be entertained. It’s also a guarantee that the game will take place in a great setting. The Knicks, of course, play their home games in Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena. Atlanta’s State Farm Arena isn’t too shabby either. Renovations to the arena in 2017 gave fans better seating options, better food options, and even a barbershop within the arena, one of the most unique features of any NBA arena.

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