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Blossom Music Center Tickets

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About Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music Center

The Blossom Music Center is an outdoor music venue that’s located about 30 miles south of Cleveland and 10 miles north of Akron in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It’s located within Cuyahoga Valley National Park, so it’s surrounded by nature in a quiet, somewhat rustic setting. The venue includes a pavilion that seats over 6,000 people and a lawn that can fit over 15,000 general admission guests. The Blossom Festival held every summer by the Cleveland Orchestra takes place at the Blossom Music Center. “Blossom,” as it’s known by Ohio natives, is also used to host other music festivals and stand-alone concerts with prominent artists like Jimmy Buffett and James Taylor having performed there in the past.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Blossom Music Center

Sections 12-14 at Blossom Music Center will get you closest to the stage with section 13 being directly in front of the performer. Meanwhile, sections 23-25 will be located a little further back but will also have a straight-ahead view of the stage. Seats in these sections may actually be better than sections 12-14 because they will be closer in elevation to the stage itself. 


Tips for Visiting Blossom Music Center

For Blossom Music Center concerts, always give yourself a little extra travel time. Large festivals and shows with prominent artists can attract up to 20,000 people, sometimes more. That means there will be a lot of traffic descending upon Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Blossom. 

Also, if you park in the main lot where parking is free, you’ll likely have to do a little walking to get to the amphitheater. Plus, if you have general admissions tickets, getting there early means being able to pick out a good spot on the lawn rather than arriving late and getting stuck with whatever is left. Finally, unless you leave before the set is over, you should expect plenty of traffic on the way home. Getting out of Cuyahoga Valley National Park could take an hour or two, so it won’t hurt to stash some food and drinks in a cooler that you leave in your car.


Foods to Try at Blossom Music Center

For a music venue in the middle of a national park, Blossom Music Center has a surprisingly good food selection. For starters, there are street tacos inspired by actor Danny Trejo, including a vegetarian option. There is also a cheesesteak sandwich that’s made with plant-based “impossible” meat and a chicken sandwich from chef Art Smith. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Blossom Music Center located?

This outdoor amphitheater is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.


What kind of events does Blossom Music Center host?

The Cleveland Orchestra holds its annual blossom festival at this venue. Aside from this, Blossom Music Center Concerts are the main event. The venue hosts a full summer schedule of popular music acts and symphonic performances.


Which team is playing at Blossom Music Center?

As this is a music amphitheater no team plays here. However, this venue is the home of the Cleveland Orchestra.


Where can I park for free at Blossom Music Center?

Parking is free when attending The Cleveland Orchestra events for subscribers or when tickets are purchased 10 days in advance of the performance. Parking fees may be charged for other Blossom Music Center events. Always be sure to double-check your ticket. 


What is the seating capacity of Blossom Music Center?

Blossom Music Center can seat a total of 23,000 screaming fans. 


Who owns Blossom Music Center?

The venue is owned by the Musical Arts Association, the Cleveland Orchestra's non-profit parent organization.


How do I get to Blossom Music Center using public transport?

Due to its location, there aren’t many public transport options for fans wishing to avoid driving. However, depending on where you are coming from, there are a few bus routes that will drop you off at the Blossom Music Center on time. You can also hop in a taxi to reach the amphitheater. The venue also offers free transportation throughout the grounds for all patrons for Blossom Music Festival concerts. Tram service between the parking lots and Smith Plaza and the Pavilion is available on a continuous basis before and after each concert.

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