LA Chargers Facts and the SoFi Stadium Seating Chart

It’s certainly been a long, strange trip for the Los Angeles Chargers. The franchise has been around for 60 years and failed to win a Super Bowl despite several periods of sustained success. Of course, most of that history was spent in San Diego before a move to Los Angeles in 2017. The move to LA also meant a brand-new stadium that the Chargers moved into for the 2020 season. Of course, with fans absent for that season, Chargers tickets in 2021 are bound to be a hot commodity in the City of Angels. For those curious about LA Chargers tickets, let’s take a closer look at the franchise and the exciting future that awaits the Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

Championship Contenders

As mentioned, the Chargers are yet to win a Super Bowl. However, that doesn’t mean the franchise is without a championship. In fact, the Chargers were instantly one of the best teams in the AFL since their inaugural season in 1960. As the Los Angeles Chargers, they lost in the AFL Championship in 1960 before moving to San Diego the following year. Of course, the team’s success continued in San Diego, as the Chargers played in the AFL Championship five times in their first six seasons, winning the 1963 title thanks to a 51-10 win over the Patriots.

After the 1970 merger, the Chargers struggled during their early years in the NFL, finally coming alive in 1979 to win three straight AFC West division crowns. The early 90s became San Diego’s next great era. Following an 11-5 season in 1994, the Chargers reached the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history, only to get blown out by the 49ers 49-26. Fortunately for the Chargers, they had a resurgence early in the 21st century behind quarterbacks Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. From 2004 to 2009, the Chargers won five division titles in six years. Alas, success in the playoffs has often eluded the Chargers, which is a trend they are hoping to end now that they’re back in Los Angeles.

ThunderBolt Pride

In six decades of history, the Chargers have had no shortage of great players don their jerseys. However, the franchise has been strict when it comes to retiring jerseys, not wanting to give that honor to just anybody. To date, the Chargers have only retired the number of four players: Dan Fouts, Lance Alworth, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Junior Seau. Of course, all four are more than deserving of such a distinction.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have had the privilege of having more than a few Hall of Famers play for them at some point. It starts with Fouts, Alworth, Tomlinson, and Seau, who are all enshrined in Canton. The likes of Ron Mix, Charlie Joiner, and Fred Dean also enjoyed extended time with the Chargers during their Hall of Fame careers. Finally, legends like John Mackey, Deacon Jones, Larry Little, and even Johnny Unitas all made cameos with the Chargers on their way to the Hall of Fame.

A Sunny Future in Los Angeles

It’s worth noting that the first few seasons since the Chargers moved back to Los Angeles haven’t been ideal. The team had to play at a temporary home built for soccer while SoFi Stadium was being built. More importantly, the results on the field weren’t what the Chargers were hoping to see while they tried to make a strong impression on a new fanbase.

But just because the Chargers have struggled early in their LA tenure doesn’t mean things are going to stay that way. In 2020, the Chargers potentially found their franchise quarterback for the next decade in rookie Justin Herbert. They also have one of the NFL’s rising stars on defense in Joey Bosa. The likes of Herbert and Bosa are likely to form the core of the Chargers moving forward, creating a huge demand for Chargers tickets at SoFi Stadium in the years to come as the team becomes a contender in the AFC West once again.

Finding a Seat at SoFi Stadium

Once they make their first visit to SoFi Stadium in 2021, Chargers fans will want to keep coming back for years to come. The stadium is loaded with amenities for fans to enjoy. It’s described as an “indoor-outdoor” stadium because there is a roof but one that allows fans to experience the California sunshine and ocean breezes. In keeping with that theme, there is a “Beach House” club area, as well as four distinct bars based on the type of drink you’re crazing. Even the area around the stadium is gorgeous, including a man-made lake.

Meanwhile, the SoFi Stadium seating chart provides plenty of options, especially with 70,000 seats available. That includes 260 luxury suites and over 13,000 premium seats. Even if those are out of your price range, there is no shortage of options with five levels of seating. Four of the five levels circle the stadium completely, giving fans a chance to watch games from every angle possible. The bottom line is that once the Chargers are able to welcome fans into SoFi Stadium, it won’t be long until it becomes one of the NFL’s preferred venues, making it the perfect home for the Chargers.

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