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Xfinity Center Tickets

Niall Horan
7:30 PMXfinity CenterMansfield, MA

About Xfinity Center

Xfinity Center

Set in Mansfield, MA, just 34 miles from Boston, the Xfinity Center stands as one of the best Amphitheaters around. Used for so much, this venue has lots going for it that will leave you coming back for more no matter what kind of event you’re there to see!


The History of Xfinity Center

The venue opened during the summer of 1986 as the Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts; with a performance by Yo-Yo Ma and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  Due to the region’s lack of other venues of the such, the Xfinity Center became busiest venues in New England, hosting nearly 80 concerts per season.

In 2007, Comcast bought the naming rights and renamed the venue to the Comcast Center in 2008. But in 2014, Comcast decided to rename the venue once again to "Xfinity Center" to correspond with its current product branding.


What Makes Xfinity Center Events So Special?

Xfinity Center events are always high-energy thanks to the amazing artists that the venue hosts. The venue itself is noteworthy as the first amphitheater in the region and was even named Top-Grossing Amphitheater by Billboard in 2010. 

With all the history this amphitheater has, and the incredible 36 events per season, it’d be a shame to miss out! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Xfinity Center located?

Xfinity Center is an outdoor amphitheater located in the south-southwest suburb of Boston, Mansfield, Massachusetts.


What kind of events does Xfinity Center host?

As an outdoor amphitheater, Xfinity Center events consist of many many concerts. In the past, Aerosmith, Spice Girls, Nickelback, and The Eagles, to name a few, have performed at this venue.


Which team is playing at Xfinity Center?

There is no team playing here, as the venue is primarily used for concerts and performances. 


Where can I park for free at Xfinity Center?

The Centre has three official lots; red, blue, and white. The Blue lot is the furthest away and provides you with easiest and fastest exit at the end of the event. All lots are priced differently and must be reserved in advance. A VIP parking pass will cost you $40 and will get you in and out of the venue fast. We don’t recommend parking offsite, as it can be a long walk - unless that’s your thing! 


What is the seating capacity of Xfinity Center?

Xfinity Center sporting events can seat 19,900 spectators, with lawn seats and general admission seats an option. 


Who owns Xfinity Center?

The amphitheater is owned by Live Nation New England.


How do I get to Xfinity Center using public transport?

As the Xfinity Center is located 35-40 miles away from Boston, driving is your best option. Public transport is sparse, and not recommended - especially when it comes to leaving the Xfinity Center event. That being said, if driving really isn’t your thing, the Providence/Stoughton branch of MBTA commuter rail is nearby, and you can hail a taxi from there. However, keep an eye on the last train time. 

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