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Williams-Brice Stadium Tickets

About Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadium is a college football stadium that’s located in Columbia, South Carolina, less than two miles from the University of South Carolina campus. It has served as the home field for the South Carolina Gamecocks since 1934 and has undergone several renovations and expansions, most recently in 2012. Williams-Brice Stadium is often called by its nickname “The Cock Pit.” The stadium regularly ranks among the best in college football with regard to attendance and is often praised for its game-day atmosphere. For football games, the capacity of Williams-Brice Stadium is over 80,000 fans.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadium offers five different types of club seating. Generally, these are the best options, as they offer amenities, including climate-controlled seating, that aren’t available to most fans. Outside of that, the best seats will be in sections 4-6 and 20-22, specifically, rows 25 and higher, as these rows are close to the 50-yard line and provide enough elevation to give you a clear view of the entire field. The first few rows of sections 304-306 and 504-506 also provide ideal views of the field, although these are in the upper deck of the stadium.

Tips for Visiting Williams-Brice Stadium

Arriving early is always encouraged at Williams-Brice Stadium. Those who arrive late often get stuck in traffic and could miss the early part of the game. There is also plenty of tailgating around the stadium and plenty of pre-game pageantry at South Carolina football games, which provides another reason to arrive early. Downtown Columbia provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities before a game. The same is true for the area surrounding the stadium, including Gamecock Park and the South Carolina Military Museum. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink (outside of tailgate parties) near the stadium and in downtown Columbia.

Food to Try at Williams-Brice Stadium

If the food on the outside of the stadium isn’t enough, Williams-Brice Stadium features several prominent chains inside, including Bojangles, Marco’s Pizza, and Chick-Fil-A. Meanwhile, Carolina Shrimp & Grits is the best vendor inside the stadium to get traditional southern dishes. Finally, those visiting Williams-Brice Stadium for the first time should be encouraged to try the boiled peanuts, which is a longtime specialty of the stadium.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Williams-Brice Stadium located?

Williams-Brice Stadium is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

What kind of events does Williams-Brice Stadium host?

Williams-Brice Stadium events are always centered around college football.

Which team is playing at Williams-Brice Stadium?

The stadium is primarily used as the home of the South Carolina Gamecocks since 1934.

Where can I park for free at Williams-Brice Stadium?

There are 200 parking spaces available for Williams-Brice Stadium events. Gameday parking costs $40 in cash on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to find cheaper parking, there are public parking lots available in the vicinity, prices will vary depending on the lot.

What is the seating capacity of Williams-Brice Stadium?

Williams-Brice Stadium sporting events can host up to 80,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Williams-Brice Stadium?

Williams-Brice Stadium is owned by the University of South Carolina.

How do I get to Williams-Brice Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Williams-Brice Stadium events by public transport have bus routes, taxi services, and the university’s shuttle service at their disposal.

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