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About WaMu Theater

WaMu Theater

We heard you like venues so we put a venue in your venue! If you’re looking for unique mashups, WaMu Theater is a perfect choice. Located inside Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, this indoor concert hall with a capacity of 5,000 won’t be showing off any Seattle Seahawks games anytime soon, but how many times can you say you’ve taken in world-class entertainment that doesn’t involve watching grown men play “kill the guy with the ball”?


The History of WaMu Theater

WaMu Theater, once known as “Washington Mutual Theater” until the bank screwed the pooch, is known as “Washington Music Theater” today. Any way you slice it, though, it’s just more fun to call it the WaMu theater. It came into being in 2006 when CenturyLink Field’s Event Center was completely overhauled to make it into the kind of secondary venue that didn’t make you want to pull your eyelids out, and the gamble worked: thanks to the installation of a modular 104-foot-long stage and new acoustic paneling and curtains, WaMu Theater has been pleasing fans for more than a decade.


What Makes WaMu Theater Events So Special?

You mean besides the fact that you’re getting to attend brilliant concerts inside CenturyLink Field without being stuck next to 68,000 other idiots in the cold and wet? Seattle will leave you moister than an oyster if you spend more than 10 minutes outside, so enjoy your respite from the weather and enjoy a show in the warm and dry for once.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is WaMu Theater located?

WaMu Theater is located within the CenturyLink Field complex in Seattle, Washington. 


What kind of events does WaMu Theater host?

As a relatively small-scale venue located inside a much bigger one, WaMu Theater events tend to be small scale. That doesn’t mean small-scale talent though. We’re talking Billie Eilish, DEADMAU5, Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly, Sarah Bareilles, Lana Del Rey, and others. Even Morrissey canceled a show there, which is pretty much the best you can hope for as a Morrissey fan nowadays.


Which team is playing at WaMu Theater?

As this is a concert hall no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at WaMu Theater?

As WaMu Theater is part of the CenturyLink Field complex, they share the same parking lots. However, CenturyLink Field’s lots are available to season ticket holders only. Meaning, your best bet is to park in one of the many public parking lots in the vicinity of the theater. Parking vary’s depending on the garage you pick but expect to pay between $10-30. You can also, check out the parking options on ParkWhiz - to ease the process. 


What is the seating capacity of WaMu Theater?

WaMu Theater events can seat a total of 7,000 spectators, depending on the configuration. 


Who owns WaMu Theater?

The Washington State Public Stadium Authority owns the theater.


How do I get to WaMu Theater using public transport?

Catch the Sound Transit to King Street Station - just a short walk to CenturyLink Event Complex. You can also take Link light rail or ST Express bus service to WaMu Theater events.