UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena Tickets
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UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena Tickets

About UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

The UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is an indoor sports and entertainment venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite being associated with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the arena is located in downtown Milwaukee in close proximity to the Wisconsin Center and Miller High Life Theatre. Since it first opened as the Milwaukee Arena in 1950, the venue has hosted several pro and college sports teams, including the NBA’s Milwaukee Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks. Today, it serves as the home arena of the UW-Milwaukee Panthers basketball team and the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL. It also hosts concerts and wrestling events with a maximum capacity of 12,700 fans.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

For basketball and hockey games at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, sections 123-125 and 107-109 will put you close to the action and close to center-court or center-ice. However, sections 224 and 208 may provide a better view of the entire playing surface while keeping you toward the center of the venue. For concerts at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, there are three sections of floor seats that can help get you close to the stage. Meanwhile, sections 109, 110, 209, 210, 222, 223, 122, and 123 will give you permanent seats that are close to the stage, albeit on the side of the stage. 

Tips for Visiting UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

Since it’s located in downtown Milwaukee, there are a lot of attractions close to UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena that are worth exploring before or after events. Within a mile of the arena, you’ll find the Harley Davidson Museum, the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, an abundance of shopping, the Milwaukee River Walk, and boat tours on the Milwaukee River. Finally, the Wisconsin Athletic Walk of Fame is located just outside the arena. 

Food to Try at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

While some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants are located a short walk from UW-Milwaukee Arena, the venue has plenty of viable food options as well. Predictably, there are specialty sausage options available at the Milwaukee Sausage Company and gourmet hot dogs at Loaded Dogs. In addition to other standard options like pulled pork sandwiches, pizza, and hamburgers, the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is one of the few places where fans can sip RC Cola and 7Up during sporting events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena located?

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What kind of events does UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena host?

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena events are always centered around basketball and Hockey. Other events that take place at the venue include concerts and wrestling events.  

Which team is playing at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena?

The stadium is primarily used as the home of the UW-Milwaukee Panthers basketball team and the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL.

Where can I park for free at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena?

There are a number of public parking lots available for UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena events. Generally speaking, lots further away from the venue will be cheaper. Overall, prices will vary depending on the lot.

What is the seating capacity of UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena?

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena sporting events can host up to 13,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena?

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena is owned by Wisconsin Center District.

How do I get to UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena events by public transport have bus routes and taxi services at their disposal.

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