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About The Warfield

The Warfield

San Francisco is one heck of a town when it comes to music. As the home of the psychedelic movement in the 1960s, there’s more history than you can shake a stick at, especially with venues like The Fillmore. The Masonic, and others. But one stands out: The Warfield Theatre. Better known as just The Warfield, this little 2,300-seat concert hall has it goin’ on. Here’s why it’s such an amazing place.


History of The Warfield

The Warfield first opened its doors in the 1920s as a vaudeville venue. Major acts of the day like Louis Armstrong, Al Jolson, and Charlie Chaplin all performed there, setting a high bar for entertainment early on. Yet as vaudeville slipped out of fashion, the Warfield’s star would begin to tarnish until the late 1970s when rock groups began to notice how the theater’s great acoustics and seating capacity beat the pants off outdoor arenas. In fact, Bob Dylan put the place back on the map in 1979 after a 14-show stint at the place.

The 1980s would see The Warfield spectacularly come back to life. It became the most famous for hosting The Grateful Dead repeatedly over the years, with 15 performances in 1980 alone. Jerry Garcia absolutely loved the place, performing another 88 times there whenever he was out doing his solo gig thing. Jerry may be gone today but that same passion for the place lives on in any music acts that grace its stage – the Warfield is a favorite for many.


What Makes The Warfield Events So Special?

The Warfield is a great venue because of not just all the history of the place but also because it’s been thoroughly renovated and refurbished for modern audiences. State-of-the-art sound and light systems were updated in 2008, making it equipped to rock your socks off no matter who you’re going to see.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Warfield located?

The Warfield is located in San Francisco, California.


What kind of events does The Warfield host?

So many big names have rocked The Warfield it’s not even funny. In addition to Dylan and the Dead, The Clash played there in the 1980s as well. Guns N’ Roses kicked off their Use Your Illusion tour there as well in the 1990s. More recently, major names like Slayer, Korn, Green Day, The Killers, and Dream Theater have all rocked out at The Warfield events.


Which team is playing at The Warfield?

As this is a music venue no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at The Warfield?

The venue doesn’t have an official parking lot, but there are plenty of public and private parking lots in the vicinity of The Warfield. There is also limited street parking available in the streets surrounding the venue. Be sure to arrive at The Warfield concert with time to spare, if you wish to secure one of these spots. 


What is the seating capacity of The Warfield?

The Warfield events can seat up to 2,300 spectators. 


Who owns The Warfield?

The venue is owned by David Addington.


How do I get to The Warfield using public transport?

The Warfield concerts are easily accessible by using public transit. You can take BART or MUNI to the Powell Street station. Exit onto Market Street, and walk 1 1/2 blocks south to The Warfield. The stations are near 5th Street and Market, and the Warfield is by 6th Street.

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