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About Terminal 5

Terminal 5 

Manhattan’s world-famous Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood isn’t just because some dude in red spandex runs around beating up bad guys. Oh, no, it’s host to some of the biggest and most amazing live music venues in the entire city. The biggest and best of these is almost certainly Terminal 5, a massive, multi-level event space with a 3,000-person capacity and five, yes five, different room environments, including rooftop access. How’s that for some craziness?


The History of Terminal 5

The building housing Terminal 5 has been a nightclub and concert venue for a long time. In fact, Terminal 5 is just the most recent name the place has had. Its origins are lost to history, but its most notorious moment came back when it was known as Club Exit. In 2003 the place was closed down as part of a drug bust. Really, can you get more New York than that?

You can’t keep a good club down, though. In 2007 the club reopened, under a new owner, with its brand new name. It’s been all uphill from there, as Terminal 5 has been bumpin’ ever since, drawing massive crowds and big names left and right for more than a decade.


What Makes Terminal 5 Events So Special?

Walking into Terminal 5 on a concert night is like touching a live wire on your tongue: it lights up every nerve in your body (and leaves you wondering just what you were up to the day after). You can’t possibly ever turn up an opportunity to attend a show of any size at Terminal 5. Trust us, you’ll regret it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Terminal 5 located?

Terminal 5 is located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC.


What kind of events does Terminal 5 host?

Terminal 5 has been a real hot spot over the last few years, featuring local and underground artists right alongside national acts. It’s featured Ween, Taking Back Sunday, Dwight Yoakam, Babymetal, Dido, Alexisonfire, Bikini Kill, Lizzo, The Prodigy, Lil Pump, Killswitch Engage, Snow Patrol, and dozens of others, and that’s just some of the Terminal 5 concerts over the last couple years.


Which team is playing at Terminal 5?

As this is a music venue no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at Terminal 5?

Due to the Theatres’ central location, there is no onsite parking next to the building, however, there are many parking lots and available street parking spaces across the city center. Prices vary depending on the lot, so be sure to double-check before leaving your car to attend the Terminal 5 event. 


What is the seating capacity of Terminal 5?

Terminal 5 events can host no more than 3,000 people making it an intimate venue, and one not to be missed!


Who owns Terminal 5?

Terminal 5 is owned by The Bowery Presents.


How do I get to Terminal 5 using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Terminal 5 events on public transport are in luck. The venue is located in manhattan making it easily accessible by subway, no matter where you’re coming from. 

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