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About Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Dome

Located in Tacoma, Washington, just a short jaunt south of Seattle, the Tacoma Dome is a multi-use indoor sports arena that can be configured for basketball, soccer, hockey, and even football. A fan favorite for sports events, concerts, and anything else you can throw at it, this venue has been one of the region’s most popular thanks to its roughly 20,000-seat capacity and its handy location just 30 minutes from Seattle.


History of the Tacoma Dome

Opening in 1983, the Tacoma Dome was a major iconoclast from the start. It was the largest arena in the world with a wooden dome by volume thanks to its 530-foot diameter and its 152-foot height when it was built, and it still holds the crown to this very day. The wood used to construct the roof has another distinction: it was almost universally sourced from trees knocked down in the Mount Saint Helens eruption that rocked the region just a few years prior. This raises the question: where else but the Tacoma Dome can you catch a sports event under a dome made from wood that survived a volcanic explosion?


What Makes Tacoma Dome Events So Special?

The Tacoma Dome is special because of its versatility. With the venue so popular across so many different types of events, there’s always something for everyone at the Tacoma Dome – and that includes you, Sparky.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tacoma Dome located?

Tacoma Dome can be found in Tacoma, Washington, approximately 30 miles south of Seattle.


What kind of events does Tacoma Dome host?

This arena hosts a number of different events throughout the year. Tacoma Dome sporting events include soccer, basketball, hockey, and football. Other events held at the Tacoma Dome include concerts held by luminaries like David Bowie, exhibition events by the Professional Bull Riders Association, Monster Jam rallies, and WWE wrestling matches. It’s even been the site of an American Ninja Warrior preliminary event as well!


Which team is playing at Tacoma Dome?

The Tacoma Dome has a long history of an event venue. Almost a dozen pro sports teams have called it home, ranging from the Seattle SuperSonics, the Tacoma Stars, Tacoma Sabercats, and the Tacoma Rockets, and the Seattle Sounders. It’s been the home of the WIAA state football and basketball tournaments for years as well.


Where can I park for free at Tacoma Dome?

Parking is available for fans attending Tacoma Dome events, however, it is limited - guests are generally encouraged to use public transport. The parking fee for Tacoma Dome parking lots varies from $10-$30 per parking space depending on the event. 


What is the seating capacity of Tacoma Dome?

Tacoma Dome can change its capacity depending on the event. At it’s biggest, Tacoma Dome events can seat 23,000 fans. 


Who owns Tacoma Dome?

The arena is owned by the city of Tacoma.


How do I get to Tacoma Dome using public transport?

Tacoma Dome event attendees are encouraged to utilize the public transport options the city has to offer. The Tacoma Link Light Rail connects the Tacoma Dome station, a regional hub for bus and commuter train service. The Tacoma Dome Station is served by Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, and Intercity Transit. Other transport options include rideshare and cabs.