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Mountain America Stadium Tickets

Colorado Football at Arizona State Football
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Washington State Football at Arizona State Football
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Oregon Football at Arizona State Football
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Arizona Football at Arizona State Football
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About Mountain America Stadium

Sun Devil Stadium

Situated just outside Phoenix, Arizona in the suburb of Tempe, Arizona, State University’s Sun Devil Stadium has been bringing the heat to the PAC-12 conference for more than half a century. That’s right, NCAA football’s home for the latter half of the 20th century in Arizona is still going strong today, and it’s been the site of some truly historic events throughout the decades!


History of Sun Devil Stadium

Sun Devil Stadium was opened in 1958. Back then, it could barely hold just 30,000 fans – and, to be honest, in college football country, that ain’t a lot. But the stadium’s popularity was almost instant, and renovation and expansion projects followed one after the other. By 1977, that capacity would grow to more than 70,000, topping out at around 74,000 in the 1980s.

That capacity came down a bit in the 2000s after the stadium went through some much-needed refurbishment. Today, the venue can hold around 54,000 fans – the reduction was necessary to keep the place in good shape and updated for modern audiences and amenities. These new renovations have set the stage for the Sun Devil Stadium to survive for decades to come.


What’s So Special About Sun Devil Stadium Events?

Sun Devil Stadium events have always been an experience, though amenities used to be lacking thanks to the venue’s age. But now that the renovations are complete, you can look forward to thoroughly modern comfort at this amazing historic venue, no matter what type of event you’re attending!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sun Devil Stadium located?

Sun Devil Stadium is situated on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona,


What kind of events does Sun Devil Stadium host?

Sun Devil Stadium events are never short of action, both sports and otherwise; the stadium has hosted its fair share of NFL games, including Super Bowl XXX, as it was the one-time home of the Arizona Cardinals for several years. Sun Devil Stadium has also been the site of some other major events, too. Pope John Paul II held mass there in the 1980s, it’s been used as the backdrop for several films like Jerry McGuire and Raising Arizona, and a number of huge arena rock acts like U2 and The Rolling Stones have shot concert films to sold-out crowds there as well.


Which team is playing at Sun Devil Stadium?

The Arizona State Sun Devils (NCAA) have played at Sun Devil Stadium since it was built in 1958, and that’s not gonna change any time soon. They do have their name on the place, after all! 


Where can I park for free at Sun Devil Stadium?

Sun Devil Stadium’s general parking lots open 3.5 hours prior to kick-off. Gameday parking is available starting from $20. Depending on the lot you park at, parking can cost as high as $40. There are also public parking lots located on the South and North ends of Sun Devil Stadium, where parking prices are a little cheaper. 


What is the seating capacity of Sun Devil Stadium?

As of 2018, Sun Devil Stadium sporting events can seat up to 53,599.


Who owns Sun Devil Stadium?

The stadium is owned by Arizona State University.


How do I get to Sun Devil Stadium using public transport?

Fans hoping to save a few bucks can turn to public transport. You can hop on the city’s tram to Veterans Way/College Ave station, which is right next to the stadium. As well as this, the alley Metro provides various means of public transportation to and from Sun Devil Stadium.

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