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Stanford Stadium Tickets

LA Galaxy at San Jose Earthquakes
7:30 PMStanford Stadium
TCU Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium
Cal Poly Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium
Virginia Tech Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium
SMU Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium
Wake Forest Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium
Louisville Football at Stanford Football
Time TBDStanford Stadium

About Stanford Stadium

Stanford Stadium

Located just a quick jaunt south of San Francisco and located smack dab on the campus of the university that gives it its name, Stanford Stadium is one of the oldest and most notable outdoor sports stadiums in the nation. It’s been the site of countless NCAA football games, professional soccer matches, and even a few NFL games here and there. Here’s what makes this venue so great.


The History of Stanford Stadium

Stanford Stadium was first erected in 1921. That’s right — nearly a century ago. That puts it up there with some of the oldest venues in the US still in use today! It replaced Stanford Field, where the college used to hold its football and rugby games, and at the time it had a massive 60,000-seat capacity.

The venue would continue to grow over the years, and by 1935 it had a whopping 93,000-seat capacity. Stanford Stadium would continue to get upgrades to its infrastructure until 2005 when a major renovation project saw the venue torn down to its skeleton and rebuilt as a modern stadium from the ground up. This cut the capacity down to around 50,000 but also completely modernized to a 21st-century venue any football fan can be proud of.


What Makes Stanford Stadium Events So Special?

Stanford Stadium combines two things: a massive proud sports history and a brand-new, cutting edge, venue where there are no bad seats. These two elements together make any game at this outdoor stadium one for the record books!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Stanford Stadium located?

Stanford Stadium is located in Stanford, California, on the campus of Stanford University.


What kind of events does Stanford Stadium host?

Football isn’t the only Stanford Stadium event you’ll find taking place. The university also uses the stadium for its commencement events, and it’s also been the site of Super Bowl XIX in 1985. Soccer is also well represented at Stanford Stadium, starting at the 1984 Summer Olympics and continuing with the FIFA World’s Cup in 1994 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999. Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes has also called on the venue once a year since 2011 to host a game during their season.


Which team is playing at Stanford Stadium?

Stanford Stadium has been the home of the Stanford Cardinals since 1921, and it’s been the site of many an NCAA football game since. 


Where can I park for free at Stanford Stadium?

There is a lot of available parking for Stanford Stadium sporting events. General parking is available in lots 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13, with parking being cash only on game days at $20. 


What is the seating capacity of Stanford Stadium?

Stanford Stadium sporting events can seat over 50,000 guests.


Who owns Stanford Stadium?

The stadium is owned by Stanford University. 


How do I get to Stanford Stadium using public transport?

Public transport is encouraged for fans trying to reach Stanford Stadium events. The CalTrain makes frequent stops at the Palo Alto Station Stanford station, which is located right by the stadium. You can also hop on the VTA, which runs through San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, 24/7.