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SDCCU Stadium Tickets
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SDCCU Stadium Tickets

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About SDCCU Stadium

SDCCU Stadium

The venerated and venerable SDCCU Stadium, located in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego, is a true gem of a mixed-use stadium. Capable of handling as many as 70,000 screaming fans for sports and concert events, this open-air venue has seen it all in its long, storied life.


The History of SDCCU Stadium

SDCCU Stadium dates back to the 1960s when it first opened its doors in 1967. Back then it was known simply as San Diego Stadium. It would go through a few more names over the decades, including Jack Murphy Stadium and Qualcomm Stadium before San Diego County Credit Union bought naming rights for the arena in 2017. Originally opening with space for just 50,000, SDCCU Stadium would go through a number of renovations over the years to both increase that seating capacity as well as bring it up to date with better amenities for modern audiences.


What’s So Special About SDCCU Stadium Events?

SDCCU Stadium might look like a Brutalist Soviet nightmare from the outside, but those bleak concrete walls hide a true gem of a venue on the inside. Thanks to constant refurbishment and renovation efforts, the inside of the stadium has been reconditioned for modern events, providing a great experience no matter what type of show you’re there to see!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SDCCU Stadium located?

SDCCU Stadium is located in San Diego, California.


What kind of events does SDCCU Stadium host?

From football to soccer to rugby, there are countless SDCCU Stadium sporting events that take place year-round. Other than sports events, SDCCU Stadium is wildly popular as a concert venue. Classic performances from ZZ Top, The Rolling Stones, The Who, John Mellencamp, Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, and Guns N’ Roses would eventually give way to more modern superstars like Coldplay, U2, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but no matter how you slice it this venue will rock out.


Which team is playing at SDCCU Stadium?

SDCCU Stadium has been the home of some quality franchises over the years. The San Diego State Aztecs, the college football team for San Diego State University, have played there since 1967, and both the NFL’s San Diego Chargers and the MLB’s San Diego Padres spent decades at the stadium before moving on to greener pastures. SDCCU Stadium can also be configured for soccer matches, and the National Independent Soccer Association’s San Diego 1904 FC has played there since 2019.


Where can I park for free at SDCCU Stadium?

There are over 19,000 parking spaces available at SDCCU Stadium events. Parking rates vary according to event and type of vehicle, but in general, parking is $20.


What is the seating capacity of SDCCU Stadium?

SDCCU Stadium events can hold up to 70,561 screaming fans. 


Who owns SDCCU Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the City of San Diego. 


How do I get to SDCCU Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach SDCCU Stadium events with time to spare can count on the city’s public transport. The San Diego Metropolitan Transportation System provides convenient access to SDCCU Stadium via the Trolley and Bus lines.