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About Schottenstein Center

Schottenstein Center

The Schottenstein Center, which is also known as Value City Arena, is a sports venue in Columbus, Ohio that’s owned by Ohio State University. It serves as the home of the Ohio State men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as the Ohio State men’s hockey team. Since it opened in 1998, the Schottenstein Center has also hosted many high-profile concerts. In fact, Bruce Springsteen released a live album of a show he performed there in 2005.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Schottenstein Center

During Schottenstein Center concerts, some of the closest views of the performer can be found in floor sections 1-4. Among traditional stadium seats, sections 104-107 will be located closest to the stage, although these seats will be on the side of the stage and slightly elevated. For seats that have a direct view of the stage but aren’t located on the floor, sections 131, 231, and 331 are the best options.

For sporting events at the Schottenstein Center, sections 105, 106, 122, and 123 will be the closest to the court or ice and near mid-court or mid-ice. However, the sections directly behind them, meaning 205, 206, 222, and 223, will have the best sightlines in the Schottenstein Center, as they will be slightly elevated but still near the center of the action. 


Tips for Visiting the Schottenstein Center

Visitors to the Schottenstein Center should plan to get there early. Part of this is logistical because parking isn’t always easy to find because the arena is located within a college campus. Of course, walking around the campus for a little bit isn’t such a terrible thing if the weather is nice. Finally, getting to a basketball game at the Schottenstein Center early means being able to watch the student section lock arms and sway to the sound of “Hells Bells,” which is a tradition at Ohio State.


Foods to Try at the Schottenstein Center

The food inside the Schottenstein Center includes some local favorites like Roosters and Donatos that are worth a try for out-of-town visitors. Graeter’s ice cream is also an in-stadium option that’s worth a try if you’ve never had it before. The one item you won’t find in any other venue is the Brutus Pretzel, which is a little expensive but worth it if you’re hungry and like sweet pretzels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Schottenstein Center located?

This sports venue is located in Columbus, Ohio.


What kind of events does Schottenstein Center host?

Schottenstein Center sporting events mainly include basketball and hockey. The venue has also hosted many high-profile concerts, such as Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, and more.


Which team is playing at Schottenstein Center?

The venue serves as the home of the Ohio State men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as the Ohio State men’s hockey team.


Where can I park for free at Schottenstein Center?

Schottenstein Center events parking options aren’t great. However, parking immediately around the arena is available and there are over 10,000 surface and garage spaces within a short walk of the venue. 


What is the seating capacity of Schottenstein Center?

Schottenstein Center events can host up to 19,049 spectators. 


Who owns Schottenstein Center?

The Schottenstein Center is owned by Ohio State University. 


How do I get to Schottenstein Center using public transport?

For events drawing large crowds, a complimentary shuttle picks up at the Buckeye Lots approximately two hours prior to event start time. Fans attending Schottenstein Center events can also rely on Lyft and Uber.