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Santa Barbara Bowl Tickets

About Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl is an open-air music venue in Santa Barbara, California. The amphitheater was originally built in 1936 to host an annual pageant called Old Spanish Days. Over time, it turned into a concert venue, hosting many prominent artists, including a few who recorded live albums while performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Between 1994 and 2012, the venue received extensive renovations to modernize the experience for both performers and audiences. After those renovations, the Santa Barbara Bowl has turned into one of the best outdoor music venues in Southern California and currently has a capacity of just over 4,500 people. 

Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Santa Barbara Bowl

The best places to sit at the Santa Barbara Bowl to be close to the artist are sections V, U, and T. Depending on the show, these sections sometimes have reserved seating but sometimes are general admission areas. Outside of the sections close to the stage, section H offers the best overall view of the stage and has a straight-ahead view of the performer. Sections E and B also have a straight-ahead view of the stage but are located a little further back.

Tips for Visiting the Santa Barbara Bowl

Anyone going to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl must try to arrive early, preferably 90 minutes before show time. The venue is located in a residential area, so parking spaces are somewhat limited outside of the local high school. Of course, parking here also requires a little bit of walking to get to the venue. When possible, ride-sharing and car-pooling are always encouraged for shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Food to Try at the Santa Barbara Bowl

There are multiple places to find food and drink while at the Santa Barbara Bowl, with the Towbes Family Cafe and the Parker Family BBQ being the most noteworthy for visitors looking for a full meal. Towbes Family cafe offers a burrito with either chicken, vegetables, or carne asada, as well as multiple salad options. The Parker Family BBQ also has a BBQ twi-tip sandwich and a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Various snacks and beverages can also be found throughout the venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Santa Barbara Bowl located?

Santa Barbara Bowl is located in Santa Barbara, California.

What kind of events does Santa Barbara Bowl host?

Santa Barbara Bowl events center around concerts. Fans can catch a show of their favorite musician at this venue with many prominent artists performing here.

Where can I park for free at Santa Barbara Bowl?

There are plenty of parking spaces available for Santa Barbara Bowl events at the Santa Barbara High School Parking Lot, located 200 yards from the Bowl entrance. Parking costs $20 per vehicle.

What is the seating capacity of the Santa Barbara Bowl?

Santa Barbara Bowl events can accommodate up to 4,500 cheering fans. 

Who owns Santa Barbara Bowl?

Santa Barbara Bowl is owned by Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation. 

How do I get to Santa Barbara Bowl using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Santa Barbara Bowl events on public transport can rely on the bus, bike, and taxi services. 

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