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San Jose Civic Tickets

About San Jose Civic

City National Civic

City National Civic is a theater in downtown San Jose, California, that is also known as San Jose Civic. The venue used to be a sports arena, hosting Santa Clara University sports teams from 1951 to 1975 and San Jose State University sports teams from 1961 to 1989. However, it has since been converted into a theater for hosting concerts, comedians, speakers, and other forms of entertainment. The venue had its reopening in 2012 after undergoing wholesale changes. City National Civic has a capacity of 3,036 people, although, with general admission seating, it can accommodate over 3,200 people for shows.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at City National Civic

There are six sections of floor seating for performances at City National Civic that are usually the best place to sit for people who want to be as close to the performer as possible. Section 102 will have a direct view of the stage, as does section 105, albeit from a further distance. Sections 208, 209, and 308 will also have a straight-ahead view of the stage, although they will be somewhat far away. The closest seats to the stage from a side angle can be found in sections 201, 202, 215, 216, 301, 302, 314, and 315.

Tips for Visiting City National Civic

Visitors to City National Civic may want to arrive a little early to soak in some of the history that the building holds. Both the inside and outside of the building are worth more than a glance, as is the Wall of Fame inside. Visitors should also create a plan for parking ahead of time, as there are options nearby but no central parking location. However, City National Civic is conveniently located for anyone taking public transportation.

Food to Try at City National Civic

With recent renovations, City National Civic has upgraded its concessions area. The Sky Bar on the mezzanine level is also a popular destination for pre-show drinks that has a great view of the San Jose skyline. However, dining options are limited for those who want to have a full, sit-down meal, although there are many restaurants in close vicinity for people to visit before or after shows at City National Civic. The Fountain Restaurant, The Grill on the Alley, and Mosaic are all popular eateries within a couple of blocks of City National Civic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is City National Civic located?

City National Civic is located in San Jose, California.

What kind of events does City National Civic host?

City National Civic events vary! Visitors can attend concerts, comedians, speakers, and other forms of entertainment at this venue.

Where can I park for free at City National Civic?

There are no official parking lots available for City National Civic events. But, there are plenty of parking lots in the vicinity. Parking rates vary but generally speaking, the further you park from the venue the cheaper the rate.

What is the seating capacity of City National Civic?

City National Civic events can host up to 3,200 cheering fans. 

Who owns City National Civic?

City National Civic is owned by the City of San Jose.

How do I get to City National Civic using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach City National Civic events by public transport have various bus routes, train lines, and taxi services at their disposal.

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