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Regency Ballroom Tickets

About Regency Ballroom

Regency Ballroom

The Regency Ballroom is an auditorium and concert venue in San Francisco that is part of the Regency Center. It is used for concerts, theaters, and other forms of entertainment, as well as receptions. The building has stood at the corner of Sutter Street and Van Ness Avenue since 1909, making it one of the most historic and iconic entertainment venues in San Francisco. In a theater setting, the Regency Ballroom has a capacity of roughly 700 visitors.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Regency Ballroom

Most of the tickets for events at the Regency Ballroom are general admission, which means your position in relation to the stage will be determined by how early you arrive. Typically, there are no seats in general admission, so you will be standing during the show. However, there are seats on the balcony if you want to enjoy the performer without being obligated to stand for the show.

Tips for Visiting the Regency Ballroom

When buying tickets for an event at the Regency Ballroom, make sure you pay attention to the difference between balcony seats and the general admission floor. Those with balcony tickets won’t be allowed on the floor. However, many visitors rave about the views from the balcony, particularly the section of the balcony that’s closest to the stage. If you have a preference, make sure you get the right type of ticket.

Food to Try at the Regency Ballroom

There are multiple bars at the Regency Ballroom, including one in the Marble Room that also has a small snack bar. There is a limited menu of snacks and sandwiches that does include vegetarian and vegan options. However, there are only a few tables nearby, so it’s far from a large-scale dining area. Fortunately, there are many restaurants within walking distance of the Regency Ballroom. Within a few blocks of the venue in all directions, visitors will find a variety of dining options to visit before or after shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Regency Ballroom located?

Regency Ballroom is located in San Francisco, California.

What kind of events does Regency Ballroom host?

At Regency Ballroom, concerts, theaters, and other forms of entertainment, as well as receptions, are the main events fans can enjoy. 

Where can I park for free at Regency Ballroom?

There are plenty of public and private parking lots in the vicinity for attendees of The Regency Ballroom events. There is also limited street parking available. We recommend you arrive early to secure your spot. 

What is the seating capacity of Regency Ballroom?

Regency Ballroom events can accommodate up to 700 cheering fans. 

Who owns Regency Ballroom?

Regency Ballroom is operated by Goldenvoice, a division of AEG Live.

How do I get to Regency Ballroom using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Regency Ballroom events on public transport are in luck, from the bus to taxi services, fans have a number of options at their disposal. 

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