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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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Red Sox vs. Rangers Tickets

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About Red Sox vs. Rangers

Rangers vs Red Sox Tickets

Just because two teams aren’t traditional rivals doesn’t mean they can’t play interesting and intense games. For example, the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers have no underlying disdain for one another. Both have far bigger rivals and there’s never been a high-stakes playoff series between the two teams. However, both have had plenty of all-time greats don their uniform. Plus, the Red Sox and Rangers have produced plenty of memorable moments over the years while sharing the same field.


Rangers vs Red Sox

The game that stands out the most between the Red Sox and Rangers came in 2008 when the star power on both teams produced 36 runs in just nine innings. On that day, the great David Ortiz hit two home runs in the first inning, driving in six of Boston’s 10 first-inning runs. However, the Rangers didn’t take that 10-0 deficit lying down. The likes of Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Chris Davis, and others helped the Ranger storm back, eventually taking a 16-14 lead. However, the Red Sox responded with four runs of their own in the eighth innings to win a wild 19-17 that will live in the minds of both fanbases for years to come.

Of course, when it comes to their home stadiums, the Rangers and Red Sox couldn’t be more different. The Red Sox have no plans to say goodbye to Fenway Park, which is only the second stadium in franchise history and has been their home since 1912. Meanwhile, the Rangers have one of the newest stadiums in the majors, moving into Globe Life Field in 2020. The new park is already their third stadium since moving to Arlington in 1972.


Finding Cheap Rangers vs Red Sox Tickets

If you’re looking to find cheap Rangers vs Red Sox tickets, you’ve come to the right place. For the yearly meetings between Texas and Boston, this is the best place to find dates, times, and ticket prices. We know that tickets to both team’s ballparks are in high demand, which is why we want to help get you affordable tickets to either venue.

Whether you want cheap Red Sox tickets for a visit to old Fenway Park or you prefer Texas Rangers tickets so you can check out the brand-new Globe Life Field, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is let us know where you want to see the two teams play and what day works best for you. We’ll take care of the rest and get you the cheapest Rangers vs Red Sox tickets we can find.