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PPG Paints Arena Tickets

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About PPG Paints Arena

PPG Paints Arena

Pittsburgh is the toughest city east of the Ohio River, and anybody from this rough-and-tumble, kick-ass city will never let you forget it. That’s why, when it comes to sports arena bragging rights, the PPG Paints Arena shows why you can’t mess with Pittsburgh.

Whether you’re scoring Pittsburgh Penguins tickets at the arena, catching a collegiate sports event, or packed in with tens of thousands of fans for an electrifying concert, you’re gonna have a ball once you step through the doors of the PPG Paints Arena.


The History of the Arena

The history of the PPG Paints Arena goes back more than 10 years before it was constructed. When Mario hockey legend Lemieux bought the Penguins in 1999, he wanted to replace the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, which was the former home of the Penguins since the 1960s. Wheeling and dealing with casino companies saw the new arena financed without a penny of public funds, though it took until 2008 for the negotiations to finalize. As a result, the arena broke ground that year and was officially open just two years later, all without costing the good people of Pittsburgh a cent.


What Makes PPG Paints Arena so Special?

PPG Paints Arena is an indoor venue that, while not particularly pretty on the outside, holds almost 20,000 screaming fans. Beyond that, this arena is as ultra-modern as it comes! Its design is environmentally conscious as it’s LEED-gold certified, the first arena of its type in the NHL. And even though some have said it looks like a Best Buy from the outside, it won two major industry awards after it opened, both at the Pollstar Concert Industry Awards and from a Sports Business Journal reader poll. No matter why you’re at the PPG Paints Arena you’re in for a wild, crazy time! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PPG Paints Arena located?

PPG Paints Arena is located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


What kind of events does PPG Paints Arena host?

Beyond Hockey and Basketball, there have been tons of concerts held at the arena, starting with Paul McCartney shortly after its opening. Major headliners have included Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and other monsters of rock and pop. In other words, this venue isn’t just for ice hockey!


Which team is playing at PPG Paints Arena?

PPG Paints Arena has been the home of Pittsburg’s powerhouse NHL franchise, the Penguins, since the 2010-2011 season. Past that, though, the arena is a favorite home of college-level hockey and collegiate basketball. 


Where can I park for free at PPG Paints Arena?

There are 8 official lots with 2,800 parking spaces adjacent to the arena which cost $26-$32 - this must be paid for in cash upon arrival. Alternatively, if you’re looking for cheaper parking you can park at PPG Paints Arena events in public lots and garages further away from the arena for as little as $15.


What is the seating capacity of PPG Paints Arena?

PPG Paints Arena events can seat over 19,000 fans. 


Who owns PPG Paints Arena?

PPG Paints Arena is owned by the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.


How do I get to PPG Paints Arena using public transport?

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on parking, public transport is an option. The Port Authority of Allegheny County's Pittsburgh Light Rail network offers a direct line to downtown Pittsburgh - a short walk away from the arena. 

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