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Ball Arena Tickets

Winnipeg Jets at Colorado Avalanche
7:00 PMBall Arena
Houston Rockets at Denver Nuggets
7:00 PMBall Arena
Philadelphia Flyers at Colorado Avalanche
7:00 PMBall Arena
Calgary Flames at Colorado Avalanche
7:30 PMBall Arena
Adam Sandler
7:30 PMBall ArenaDenver, CO
Buffalo Sabres at Colorado Avalanche
8:00 PMBall Arena
Brooklyn Nets at Denver Nuggets
7:00 PMBall Arena
Nathaniel Rateliff
7:00 PMBall ArenaDenver, CO
Oklahoma City Thunder at Denver Nuggets
7:00 PMBall Arena
San Jose Sharks at Colorado Avalanche
6:00 PMBall Arena
Dallas Mavericks at Denver Nuggets
7:00 PMBall Arena
Ottawa Senators at Colorado Avalanche
7:00 PMBall Arena
Georgia Swarm at Colorado Mammoth
7:00 PMBall Arena
Arizona Coyotes at Colorado Avalanche
7:00 PMBall Arena
Golden State Warriors at Denver Nuggets
12:30 PMBall Arena

About Ball Arena

Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center is a multi-use arena in downtown Denver that primarily serves as the home of the NBA’s Nuggets and NHL’s Avalanche. After opening in 1999, the Pepsi Center has also been used to host the Frozen Four, UFC Events, and countless concerts. 


Best Places to Sit at the Pepsi Center

At Pepsi Center concerts, floor seats will always offer the closest view to the stage and the performer. However, a good backup option is anywhere in Sections 102, 104, 122, and 124. These areas are set to the side of the stage, keeping you close to the performer with a little elevation, despite not having a straight-ahead view. If you prefer to look straight on at the stage, Sections 110, 112, 114, and 116 will provide the best viewpoint.

For Pepsi Center sports events, Club Level seats on the second level of the stadium are arguably the best option. They provide a clear view of the entire court (or ice) not to mention the added benefit of in-seat wait service. Of course, Sections 102, 124, 126, and 148 will get you a little closer to the action and sit close to mid-court or mid-ice. Finally, for basketball games, it’s tough to beat the closeness of court-side seats, although they will obviously be the most expensive tickets.


Tips for Visiting the Pepsi Center

If you have a little extra time during your trip to Denver, you can take a tour of the Pepsi Center at a reasonable price. You'll get to see all of the parts of the stadium that you won’t see on TV or if you go to a game, including the visiting team’s locker room. Unfortunately, the home team’s locker room isn’t typically part of the tour. But it's an interesting activity if you're hoping to explore some unique parts of Denver!


Food to Try at the Pepsi Center

For any Pepsi Center event, the concession stands offer plenty of tasty treasures. The Peak Pub House on the club level is as good as any place you’ll find outside the stadium. The restaurant offers upscale sandwiches and fine entrees, including steak and lemon chicken. Some of the more casual spots inside the Pepsi Center offer classics like mac-n-cheese bites and loaded tater tots with bacon. Finally, beer lovers will enjoy the number of options offered at the Pepsi Center, including a brewery on the ground floor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Pepsi Center located?

The Pepsi Center is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. 


What kind of events does the Pepsi Center host?

When not used by one of Denver's sports teams, there are many Pepsi Center concerts that take place at the venue. 


Which team is playing at the Pepsi Center?

The arena is home to the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Colorado Mammoth.


Where can I park for free at the Pepsi Center?

If you’re willing to walk just a few quick blocks you can save as much as $15, as opposed to what you would pay at the official Pepsi Center events lots, where parking begins at $20 and can cost up to $40. Unfortunately, free parking is hard to come by in the neighborhood. 


What is the seating capacity of the Pepsi Center?

As of 2017, Pepsi Center sports events can hold up to 20,000 fans. For Pepsi Center concerts and other special events, the stadium can hold over 20,000 fans. 


Who owns the Pepsi Center?

The Pepsi Center is owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.


How do I get to the Pepsi Center using public transport?

For fans looking to save a few bucks at Pepsi Center events, there are a few public transit options to choose from. Depending on where you’re coming from, you can catch either the C, E, or W RTD lines to the Pepsi Center/Elitch Gardens stop.