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Paul Brown Stadium Tickets

About Paul Brown Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium

Quick, what’s one of the best parts of Ohio? The Cincinnati Bengals, of course. And the best thing about the Bengals is most certainly their arena: The Jungle. Better known as Paul Brown Stadium, it’s the best place to take in a game while watching the Bengals!


History of Paul Brown Stadium

Named after the founder of the Bengals, Paul Brown Stadium opened its doors in 2000 as part of a plan to give both the Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds their own venues, as prior to this both teams shared the aging Riverfront Stadium. Originally thought to be one of the worst venues to play at first because of its botched Kentucky Bluegrass turf, this open-air stadium corrected the error and switched to artificial turf in a hurry. This has now made it much easier for the Bengals to play on.


What Makes Paul Brown Stadium Events So Special?

Paul Brown Stadium is the venue with the highest capacity in Cincinnati! Making events great, as there’s never a dull moment, and always a chance to grab a seat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paul Brown Stadium located?

Nicknamed ‘The Jungle’, Paul Brown Stadium is located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, right on the banks of the Ohio River.


What kind of events does Paul Brown Stadium host?

Paul Brown Stadium events primarily consist of college football games. However, other events do take places, such as concerts, and even chess tournaments!


Which team is playing at Paul Brown Stadium?

Paul Brown Stadium is the home venue of the Cincinnati Bengals NFL. The University of Cincinnati’s NCAA football team, the Cincinnati Bearcats, has also been a major tenant since 2014.


Where can I park for free at Paul Brown Stadium?

Due to its location, parking can be a nightmare. The nine official parking lots for Paul Brown Stadium events are only available to season ticket holders. But, there are a number of alternative parking solutions in downtown Cincinnati for reasonable prices.


What is the seating capacity of Paul Brown Stadium?

 Paul Brown Stadium events can seat a total of 65,515 fans.


Who owns Paul Brown Stadium?

The football stadium is owned by Hamilton County, Ohio.


How do I get to Paul Brown Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to arrive at Paul Brown Stadium events via public transport are in luck. There are two main public transport options available to reach the stadium, the Queen City Metro which provides transportation throughout Hamilton County and downtown Cincinnati, and the TANK which provides bus service to and from Northern Kentucky.

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