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About Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theater

Seattle is a major city, and that means it’s got some real chops when it comes to culture. Concert performances are popular, and there are dozens of fantastic indoor venues across the city, but there’s only one that’s the most famous and the most popular: the Paramount Theater, located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Here’s why it’s just such an amazing place.


History of the Paramount Theater

The Paramount was built in the 1920s by Paramount Pictures (hence its name) as a place for the film company to show their movies. There was a problem, though – the site selected for a movie house was blocks away from Seattle’s already-established theater district. What was Paramount’s response? To make the biggest, baddest, and most ornate and gigantic movie theater they could – and the gambit worked like a charm. Today the Paramount is on the National Historic Register and, while it’s pivoted away from shoving movies, it’s one of the busiest concert event venues in Seattle by a longshot!


What Makes Paramount Theater Events So Special?

Events at the Paramount Theater are always astonishing. With a capacity of nearly 4,000 – and that includes a unique convertible orchestra pit that can be set up for additional seating – the theater can accommodate huge numbers of people. Not only that, but its original Wurlitzer pipe organ installed back in 1928, still works like a charm. The theater even uses it every Monday when it shows throwback movies from the silent film era. How cool is that?


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paramount Theater located?

Paramount Theater is located in Seattle, Washington. 


What kind of events does Paramount Theater host?

The Paramount has had its fair share of legendary performers over the decades. Pink Floyd, The Guess Who, Bob Marley, Madonna, Neil Young, Anthrax, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Heart, and Tenacious D have all played at Seattle’s premier venue. And that says nothing of the countless other acts that have graced its stage at Paramount Theater events either!


Which team is playing at Paramount Theater?

As this is a music venue no team plays here.


Where can I park for free at Paramount Theater?

The Paramount Theatre does not have its own parking lot. However, there are several pay lots in the area, as well as, metered street parking - after 8 pm and on Sundays street parking is free. Be sure to arrive with time to spare, in order to secure your spot.


What is the seating capacity of Paramount Theater?

Paramount Theatre events can host up to 2,807 fans.


Who owns Paramount Theater?

It is owned and operated by the Seattle Theatre Group. 


How do I get to Paramount Theater using public transport?

Fans wishing to save a few bucks can turn to public transport to reach Paramount Theatre events. The theater is within walking distance from many major bus stops. For the best possible bus route from your location, visit the Metro Trip Planner.