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Paramount Theatre Tickets

About Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is a concert hall that’s located in downtown Oakland. The venue is known for its Art Deco architecture and was the largest multi-purpose theater on the West Coast when it first opened in 1931. The theater is the primary home of the Oakland Ballet and the Oakland East Bay Symphony. However, it also hosts concerts from a wide variety of musicians, as well as movie screenings, stand-up comedians, lecture series, and other types of plays and performances. After opening in 1931, the Paramount Theatre received an extensive renovation in 1973. For performances of all kinds, the Paramount Theatre in Oakland has a capacity of 3,040 guests.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Paramount Theatre

Rows A-M of the Orchestra section are the best places to view a performance at the Paramount Theatre. Seats further back than these rows will have the balcony hanging over them, which can be a hindrance or a distraction. Just keep in mind that there are three aisles at the Paramount. Orchestra seats 1-26 will be closer to the sides of the venue, while seats 101-128 in each row will be located closer to the middle and have a better view of the stage. The same principle applies in the Balcony, as seats 101-128 are preferable to seats 1-32 in each row. Naturally, rows A-F in the balcony are preferred because they are closer to the stage.

Tips for Visiting the Paramount Theatre

While there is no centralized parking at the Paramount Theatre, there are several lots within walking distance of the venue. However, it’s suggested that visitors take public transportation to performances, as there is a BART Station roughly 500 feet from the main entrance. It’s also a good idea to arrive early for performances at the Paramount Theatre to make sure you get through security before the show begins. This can also be a good opportunity to gaze at the beautiful interior architecture of the building. 

Food to Try at the Paramount Theatre

There is both a full bar and light snacks available inside the Paramount Theatre. However, visitors shouldn’t expect to eat a full meal while there. Fortunately, the venue’s downtown location makes it easy to find a restaurant either before or after a show. There are roughly a dozen dining options within a few blocks of the Paramount Theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paramount Theatre located?

Paramount Theatre is located in downtown Oakland, California.

What kind of events does Paramount Theatre host?

Paramount Theatre events vary greatly. Fans can enjoy the Oakland Ballet and the Oakland East Bay Symphony, as well as concerts, movie screenings, stand-up comedians, lecture series, and other types of performances at this venue.

Where can I park for free at Paramount Theatre?

There are no official parking lots available for Paramount Theatre events. But, there are plenty of public parking lots available in the vicinity. Generally speaking, the further you park from the venue, the cheaper the rates.

What is the seating capacity of the Paramount Theatre?

Paramount Theatre events can accommodate up to 3,040 cheering fans. 

Who owns Paramount Theatre?

Paramount Theatre is owned by the City of Oakland. 

How do I get to Paramount Theatre using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Paramount Theatre events on public transport are in luck. Due to the venue’s central location, fans have various bus routes, BART lines, and taxi services at their disposal. 

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