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About Paradise Rock Club

Paradise Rock Club

Paradise Rock Club is a small music venue in Boston. It’s located west of downtown Boston and on the outskirts of the Boston University campus but also south of the Charles River. The Paradise Rock Club opened in 1977 and holds roughly 933 visitors, which has made it an appealing venue for small music festivals and alternative-rock bands. It is the epitome of an independent value that still manages to keep ticket prices reasonable. In 2010, the venue underwent a significant renovation that moved the bar to the back of the club, giving fans a better view of the stage.

What are the Best Places to sit at Paradise Rock Club?

For most events at Paradise Rock Club, all seats are general admission. This means the 900-plus visitors are free to roam around the venue during the show. Of course, this means that guests should plan to get to the club early if they prefer a specific viewpoint for concerts, especially if they want to be close to the stage. Paradise Rock Club also features a general admission balcony for visitors who don’t want to be on the floor.

Tips for visiting Paradise Rock Club

As you can guess, shows at Paradise Rock Club are standing-room-only. Only on rare occasions are there chairs set up in front of the stage. This means you should have footwear that’s comfortable for walking and standing for hours at a time. The good news is that there are virtually no obstructed views regardless of where in the club you’re standing. This means there’s no pressure to get there too early if you don’t care where you end up standing for the show. However, many visitors to Paradise Rock Club will arrive early to enjoy the Paradise Front Lounge or grab a drink from the small bar areas inside the venue.

Food to Try at Paradise Rock Club

While appetizers and sandwiches are available inside the Paradise Rock Club, that area of Boston has several outstanding restaurants to visit before or after a show. Just a couple of doors down is Blaze Pizza, a local chain with some of Boston’s best pizza. A couple of blocks west of Paradise Rock Club, you’ll find the Brown Sugar Cafe, a casual Thai restaurant, as well as Kayuga, which serves both Korean and Japanese cuisine. Meanwhile, a couple of blocks to the east is Sunset Cantina, a casual Mexican restaurant that has a wide selection of both tequila and craft beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paradise Rock Club located?

Paradise Rock Club is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

What kind of events does Paradise Rock Club host?

At Paradise Rock Club, concerts are the main event. Due to its small size, the venue attracts local alternative rock artists as well as rock bands that are visiting Boston.  

Which team is playing at Paradise Rock Club?

As this is a music venue no team plays here. 

Where can I park for free at Paradise Rock Club?

Paradise Rock Club has no official parking. However, there is free street parking available in the surrounding area. We recommend you arrive early to score one of these spots. If you happen to miss out, there are a number of public parking lots available. Prices differ depending on the lot.

What is the seating capacity of Paradise Rock Club?

Paradise Rock Club events can accommodate up to 933 cheering fans. 

Who owns Paradise Rock Club?

Paradise Rock Club is owned by Crossroads Presents, LLC.

How do I get to Paradise Rock Club using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Paradise Rock Club events on public transport are in luck. From subway to buses to the train, fans have a number of options at their disposal. The venue is also reachable by taxi. 

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