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About Memorial Stadium - OK

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is a football stadium in Norman, Oklahoma on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. It’s the full-time home of the Oklahoma Sooners football team. The stadium opened in 1923 and has undergone several rounds of expansions and renovations over the years. Nicknames of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium include the Palace on the Prairie and Owen Field. The stadium’s capacity is around 80,000 people, putting it among the 20 largest college football stadiums in the country.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Some of the best seats at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium can be found in sections 4-7, specifically seats further back in the section. These sections will be near midfield with an elevated view of the field and likely to receive shade during afternoon games, which is difficult to find in large sections of the stadium. The same is true for sections 104-106. These areas are around midfield, slightly elevated, and receive shade from the press box. On the other side of the field, sections 127-130 are elevated and close to midfield. Oklahoma Memorial Stadium also has three different types of club-level seating that offer great amenities.


Tips for Visiting Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Like most college football stadiums, there are a lot of festivities to enjoy in the hours leading up to kickoff. Two hours before the game is the Walk of Champions by the team, starting at the corner of Lindsey and Jenkins streets. Jenkins Street is also the site of the family-friendly Sooner Fan Fest. Adjacent to the stadium is the Barry Switzer Center, which is where you’ll find the Legends Lobby, an homage to the history of Oklahoma football with old jerseys, murals, and trophies. 


Foods to Try at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

All of the basic stadium options are available at Oklahoma football games, but there are also a few specialties worth trying. One example is the Sooner Nachos, which includes jalapenos, chili, and sour cream with red corn chips. There is also a stadium version of Billy Sims Barbecue, a favorite spot of the Norman locals. Just about every item on the menu will be a good choice. Finally, there is a Hurts Donut Burger, which does indeed use a glazed doughnut as the bun for a delicious bacon-cheeseburger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium located?

This stadium is located in Norman, Oklahoma on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.


What kind of events does Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium host?

As the 23rd largest stadium in the world, Oklahoma Memorial Stadium events are unmissable. The main event is college football, and like any other college football stadium, there are many other festivities that come along with the game. 


Which team is playing at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium?

This stadium serves at the home for the Oklahoma Sooners (NCAA).


Where can I park for free at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium?

Free parking is available at the Lloyd Noble Center, located approximately one mile south of the stadium. There is a shuttle that unloads one block south of the stadium on First Street. The shuttle provides return trips for one hour after the conclusion of the game and costs $5. There are also paid parking lots available, where prices start at $30. 


What is the seating capacity of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium?

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium events can accommodate just over 80,000 fans.


Who owns Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the University of Oklahoma.


How do I get to Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium using public transport?

There aren’t many public transport options for fans wishing to attend Oklahoma Memorial Stadium events. However, you can park a little further away and hop on the university’s shuttle, or even, catch a cab. 

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