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MAPFRE Stadium Tickets
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MAPFRE Stadium Tickets

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About MAPFRE Stadium

MAPFRE Stadium

MAPFRE Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium in Columbus, Ohio. When it opened in 1999 as Columbus Crew Stadium, it was the first soccer-specific stadium in MLS history, setting a precedent for many others to come. It was also the first soccer-specific stadium built in the United States since 1913. For soccer games, MAPFRE Stadium has a capacity of just under 20,000 fans, while concerts can hold up to 30,000. 

Where are the Best Places to Sit at MAPFRE Stadium?

The best seats at MAPFRE Stadium are in sections 105-107 and 125-127. These sections are in the lower level of the stadium and close to midfield. To be as close to midfield as possible but elevated, look for tickets in sections 205-207 and 225-227. Meanwhile, members of the official supporters’ section for the Columbus Crew sit in sections 101-102 and 139-142. This area is for the most passionate fans and is in the northeast corner of the stadium.

Tips for Visiting MAPFRE Stadium

There are several entertainment options both before and after games at MAPFRE Stadium. For starters, tailgating is popular for Crew games, much like it is in Columbus during college football season. Also, the Crew Kicker Plaza inside the South gate typically features a band and games for kids. Meanwhile, the Stadium Club on the West end of the stadium offers a relaxed atmosphere for fans to congregate before and after games. 

Food to Try at MAPFRE Stadium

Several local Columbus businesses and food trucks have set up shop at MAPFRE Stadium. This includes Schmidt’s Sausage, Pitabilities, and Hot Chicken Takeover, although the food trucks can differ from one game to the next. One classic item to try at MAPFRE Stadium is the Frankie-Furter, a chili dog named after former Columbus fan favorite Frankie Hejduk. There are also several spots throughout the stadium where fans can find a variety of craft beers, including some local brews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MAPFRE Stadium located?

MAPFRE Stadium is located in Columbus, Ohio. 

What kind of events does MAPFRE Stadium host?

This soccer-specific stadium centers its events on, you guessed it, soccer. In addition to hosting the Crew, MAPFRE Stadium has also hosted many international soccer games, including several World Cup Qualifying matches. The venue has also hosted other events such as concerts, college soccer games, and Major League Lacrosse. 

Which team is playing at MAPFRE Stadium?

MAPFRE Stadium has served as the home field of the Columbus Crew of Major League soccer since 1999. 

Where can I park for free at MAPFRE Stadium?

Parking for MAPFRE Stadium events is widely available. The venue has a number of lots, to which parking passes should be purchased in advance. You can also pay for your spot at the lot, and park at the general admission lots a little further away.  

What is the seating capacity of MAPFRE Stadium?

MAPFRE Stadium sporting events can host up to 20,00 cheering fans, whereas concerts can hold 10,000 more. 

Who owns MAPFRE Stadium?

MAPFRE Stadium is owned by the Columbus Crew SC.

How do I get to MAPFRE Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach MAPFRE Stadium events by public transport have a number of busses at their disposal, not to mention taxi services.