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LSU Tiger Stadium Tickets

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About LSU Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium

Just an hour north of New Orleans on the banks of the Big Easy lies Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Home of Louisana State University, the local campus has the distinction of having one of the biggest NCAA football stadiums you’ll find anywhere: Tiger Stadium. Affectionately called “Death Valley” because of both how loud and boisterous it can be on game day and how absolutely impossible it is to play there as an opposing team, Tiger Stadium has been bringing the pain to visiting college football teams for nearly a hundred years.


The History of Tiger Stadium

First built in 1924, coming in with a paltry capacity of just 12,000. That wouldn’t last long, though, not with the demand LSU had for college football, so Tiger Stadium would continue to be updated and expanded over the decades until it hit its biggest capacity after its 2014 renovation. Today, Tiger Stadium can hold an astounding 102,000 screaming fans – making it the sixth-largest outdoor stadium in the world. It’s also the fifth-largest in all of the NCAA and the third-largest in the entirety of the Southeastern Conference, losing out by a matter of only two or three thousand seats. No wonder opposing teams call it “Death Valley”!


What Makes Tiger Stadium Events So Special?

Tiger Stadium events are electrifying. When you and over 100,000 fans get together, it’s like sitting on a live wire – it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you’re watching the Tigers demolish an opponent or rocking out to your favorite arena act, catching an event at Death Valley will leave you feeling very much alive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tiger Stadium located?

Tiger Stadium is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


What kind of events does Tiger Stadium host?

Football may be the main Tiger Stadium event, but that’s not the only game you might see there. Of course, a venue this huge is also great for concerts too. Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Miranda Lambert, and Luke Bryant have all played Death Valley, and that’s just a tiny example of the number of big-time acts that have landed there.


Which team is playing at Tiger Stadium?

Tiger Stadium has been the home of LSU Tigers football since it opened in 1924, which means it’s seen almost a century of NCAA football played on its not-so-humble field. It also served as a temporary home for the New Orleans Saints post-Katrina as well, so it’s no stranger to professional-level sports either!


Where can I park for free at Tiger Stadium?

Tiger stadium event attendees have a number of lots at their disposal for LSU Tigers football events. The stadium has reserved lots available too, where prices differ depending on the event. For non-sporting events, prices also vary.


What is the seating capacity of Tiger Stadium?

Tiger Stadium sporting events can host over 100,000 screaming fans, making it the sixth-largest stadium in the world. 


Who owns Tiger Stadium?

Tiger Stadium is owned by the Tiger Athletic Foundation.


How do I get to Tiger Stadium using public transport?

Tiger Stadium events are accessible via multiple modes of transportation. The convenient LSU Tiger Trails Transit System can help you get around campus for free and reach the stadium in time for the event. Also, CATS connects fans to the stadium from all over Louisiana, so double-check your best route, depending on where you’re coming from. 

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