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Little Caesars Arena Tickets

About Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena

Located on the outskirts of downtown Detroit is Little Caesars Arena, the new home of both the NHL’s Red Wings and the NBA’s Pistons. The arena opened in 2014, replacing both Joe Louis Arena, the former home of the Red Wings, and the Palace of Auburn Hills, the former home of the Pistons. In addition to basketball and hockey, Little Caesars Arena has been used to host wrestling and figure skating events, as well as a slew of concerts from big-name acts.


Best Places to Sit at Little Caesars Arena

Floor seating is the best way to get as close to the stage as possible for Little Caesars Arena concerts. However, Sections 107-110 can get you nearly as close to the stage, albeit from a slightly higher angle and from the side. Those seeking a head-on view of the stage should look for seats in Sections 115, 116, and 219, although these sections aren’t as close to the stage as some others in the stadium.

At Little Caesars Arena sports events, there are five different types of Club Seating. All will have a different angle for watching the game but with a full, unobstructed view of the court or the ice. If money isn’t an issue, the VIP courtside seats will undoubtedly offer the closest possible seats for basketball games. For slightly more affordable seating, Sections 107-111 will get you close to the action but far enough away to have a full view of either the court or the ice.


Tips for Visiting Little Caesars Arena

Fans at Little Caesars Arena events will be spoiled by one of the largest center-hung scoreboards in the world – it's over 13,000 square feet in size. Even when you’re out of your seat, though, you’ll be covered by over 2000 TVs scattered throughout the arena. If you’re walking to the restroom or in line to grab food, you’ll still be able to keep tabs on the game.

While you’re walking around the concourse, feel free to stop and have a look at some of the statues of former Detroit sports legends. Many of the exhibits were brought over from either Joe Louis Arena or the Palace of Auburn Hills, making it easy to get a lesson in Detroit sports history just by walking around Little Caesars Arena.


Food to Try at Little Caesars Arena

Despite being named for a pizza place, Little Caesars Arena offers visitors more than just good 'za. There are half-pound hot dogs wrapped in bacon. For something less local, there's Moroccan lamb available. However, the best part is probably just having a large volume of food vendors, helping to keep lines short so you can get back to your seat and enjoy the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Little Caesars Arena located?

Little Caesars Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in midtown Detroit, Michigan.


What kind of events does Little Caesars Arena host?

Little Caesars Arena sports events include hockey, basketball, figure skating, professional wrestling, and combat sports. Other non-sporting events also take place at the arena such as concerts.


Which team is playing at Little Caesars Arena?

The Little Caesars Arena is home to the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons. 


Where can I park for free at Little Caesars Arena?

Unfortunately, there's no free parking for Little Caesars Arena events. However, there are 32 affordable parking facilities all within a 10-minute radius to Little Caesars Arena. Prices at the lots starting at $13, they can increase to $35 depending on the lot and the event. 


What is the seating capacity of Little Caesars Arena?

Little Caesars Arena sports events have seating capacities of up to 19,515 for ice hockey and 20,491 for basketball.


Who owns Little Caesars Arena?

Little Caesars Arena is owned by the Downtown Development Authority. 


How do I get to Little Caesars Arena using public transport?

For fans heading to Little Caesar Arena events who want to avoid driving, there are two main options for getting to the arena: taxis (or ridesharing) and The Detroit People Mover. Taxis increase their numbers during the games. The Detroit People Mover will pick you up at various stations across downtown and drop you off near Little Caesars Arena. The closest stop is at Grand Circus Park. 

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