Kroger Field Tickets

Kroger Field Tickets



Southern Miss Football at Kentucky Football
7:45 PMKroger Field


South Carolina Football at Kentucky Football
3:30 PMKroger Field


Georgia Football at Kentucky Football
7:30 PMKroger Field


Ohio Football at Kentucky Football
Time TBDKroger Field


Vanderbilt Football at Kentucky Football
Time TBDKroger Field


Auburn Football at Kentucky Football
Time TBDKroger Field


Murray State Football at Kentucky Football
Time TBDKroger Field


Louisville Football at Kentucky Football
Time TBDKroger Field

About Kroger Field

Kroger Field

Kroger Field is a college football stadium in Lexington, Kentucky. It serves as the home field for the University of Kentucky Wildcats football team. The stadium first opened in 1973 under the name Commonwealth Stadium, making it the youngest football stadium in the SEC. In 2021, Kroger Field hosted a concert for the first time but has otherwise been used for football. Since it opened, Kroger Field has undergone multiple renovations to improve the experience for both fans and players. For football games, Kroger Field has a capacity of 61,000 fans.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at Kroger Field

The best seats at Kroger Field are club seats in sections 25-27. In addition to being located near the center of the field, fans in club seats also have access to a climate-controlled lounge and amenities that aren’t available to other fans. Meanwhile, sections 5-7 offer a similar view to club seats but are located on the visitor’s sideline. Sections 225-227 also have a great view of the entire field, albeit from higher up. Plus, rows 2-7 in these sections have seatbacks, which are rare outside of club seats.

Tips for Visiting Kroger Field 

There are multiple reasons for fans to arrive early for a game at Kroger Field. First, there is a Fan Zone open three hours before kickoff that features food, entertainment, and appearances by former Kentucky players. Fans might also be interested in the Wildcat Walk, which takes place two hours before the game and welcomes the team to the stadium. The stadium’s latest renovations also make the inside of the stadium a more appealing place to wander around before a game. Finally, Lexington is one of the biggest cities in Kentucky and offers plenty of attractions, although Kroger Field is located a few miles away from downtown Lexington.

Food to Try at Kroger Field

With the latest round of renovations, the food available at Kroger Field has taken a big step forward. For starters, the House of Cue offers excellent pulled pork, brisket, and barbecue chicken sandwiches. The Athenian Grill also offers excellent gyro sandwiches. There are also several items with local Kentucky flair, most notably bourbon ice cream and chicken and waffle cones, as well as specialty nachos and tater tots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kroger Field located?

Kroger Field is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

What kind of events does Kroger Field host?

As a football-specific stadium, Kroger Field events don’t range too greatly. In 2021, the stadium hosted a concert for the first time but has otherwise been used for football. 

Which team is playing at Kroger Field?

The venue is primarily used as the home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats football team. 

Where can I park for free at Kroger Field?

There are several public parking lots available for Kroger Field events. Game day parking permits must be purchased online before you arrive on campus. 

What is the seating capacity of Kroger Field?

Kroger Field events can host over 61,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Kroger Field?

Kroger Field is owned by the University of Kentucky.

How do I get to Kroger Field using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Kroger Field events by public transport have plenty of bus routes, shuttle, and taxi services at their disposal.