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About Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City, Missouri is more than just another city in just another flyover state. It’s the home of some fantastic sports venues. The Truman Sports Complex, in particular, boasts not just Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, but also Kauffman Stadium, the legendary home of the Kansas City Royals for nearly half a century.


The History of Kauffman Stadium

Built in 1973, Kauffman Stadium originally began its life known as Royals Stadium. It got a name change in 1993 in honor of long-time owner Ewing Kauffman. Featuring a modernist design, the Big K is one of a kind: instead of one of many multi-purpose parks constructed during this era of baseball stadiums, the venue was, and remains, baseball-only. It’s also one of the oldest parks in the MLB, and one of only two that are exclusively for baseball and no other sport. The only other is the legendary Fenway Park, putting Kauffman Stadium in some pretty good company.


What’s So Special About Kauffman Stadium?

Aside from the fact that Kauffman Stadium won’t let anyone not wearing an MLB uniform set foot on the field, there are lots of things to love about the Big K. The sheer history of the park is staggering. We’re talking about the stadium that Nolan Ryan threw his first of seven no-hitters, right on that pitcher’s mound. You don’t get more noteworthy than that.

But there’s more to Kauffman Stadium, especially since it’s been renovated extensively over the years. The latest refurb, which was finished in 2009, might have reduced capacity of the stadium to around 38,000, but it added a high-definition scoreboard, renovated concession and bathroom facilities, a kids’ area and an outdoor concourse, and countless other improvements that make this stadium future-proof for decades. It’s a sight to see, and it’s an experience not to be missed!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kauffman Stadium located?

Often called "The K" this baseball park is located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


What kind of events does Kauffman Stadium host?

Non-baseball events at the park are very rare, to the point that there have only ever been a handful of concerts over the decades. In fact, most of them occurred in the 1970s, with only one – Billy Joel in 2018 – occurring in modern memory. When the Big K says “baseball only” they really, really mean it!


Which team is playing at Kauffman Stadium?

Kauffman Stadium is the longtime home of the Kansas City Royals (NFB).


Where can I park for free at Kauffman Stadium?

There are a number of official lots surrounding the stadium, where parking is $15.


What is the seating capacity of Kauffman Stadium?

Kauffman Stadium sporting events host 37,903 fans.


Who owns Kauffman Stadium?

The ballpark is operated by the Jackson Sports Complex Authority.


How do I get to Kauffman Stadium using public transport?

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s 47 route provides service to fans wishing to avoid the hassle of parking.