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Jiffy Lube Live Tickets

Niall Horan
7:00 PMJiffy Lube LiveBristow, VA

About Jiffy Lube Live

Jiffy Lube Live

No, it’s not the world’s most popular place to change your oil – Jiffy Lube Live is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s biggest outdoor amphitheaters. With a capacity of more than 25,000 this massive venue, located just 35 miles outside of Washington, DC, this concert arena might have a silly name but it hosts music events that are more serious than a heart attack.


The History of Jiffy Lube Live

Jiffy Lube Live opened its doors in 1995 as part of a plan to reduce some of the noise pollution that loud concerts at nearby RFK Stadium were bringing to the area. At the time it opened, the venue was known as Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge; in 2010, Jiffy Lube and Live Nation went into partnership to purchase naming rights for the venue, resulting in what is probably the most unique name for an outdoor amphitheater.


What Makes Jiffy Lube Live Events So Special?

As a venue, Jiffy Lube Live is freaking massive. There is space for around 10,000 in the reserved seating section under its covered pavilion, but the surrounding general admission lawn section can hold a gigantic 14,000-plus screaming fans. This makes any event at Jiffy Lube Live feel like a huge festival even when it’s not, guaranteeing you that you’ll have an incredible time that you’ll never forget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jiffy Lube Live located?

Jiffy Lube Live is an outdoor amphitheater located in Bristow, Virginia, about 35 miles west of Washington. D.C. 


What kind of events does Jiffy Lube Live host?

Since it opened in 1995, Jiffy Lube Live has seen more than its fair share of performers. It’s very first show included concerts by The Village People and The Tramps, and because of its size and convenient location next to local interstates it’s a constant draw for arena showstopper acts like KISS, Journey, Jimmy Buffett, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Nicki Minaj, and The Doobie Brothers. It’s also a popular choice for music tours and festivals like FarmAid, the Mayhem Festival, and OzzFest.


Which team is playing at Jiffy Lube Live?

As this is a performance amphitheater no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at Jiffy Lube Live?

Parking is incorporated into the ticket price for the majority of Jiffy Lube Live events, so there is no extra charge at the venue. Parking lots open two hours before the start of the show. 


What is the seating capacity of Jiffy Lube Live?

Jiffy Lube Live events can seat up to 25,262 fans. 


Who owns Jiffy Lube Live?

Jiffy Lube Life is owned and operated by Live Nation. 


How do I get to Jiffy Lube Live using public transport?

Unfortunately, for those wishing to avoid driving, there aren’t many public transport options for you to take. However, you can turn to Uber or a local taxi company to help you reach the Jiffy Lube Live event on time. 

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