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About Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl: it’s one of the most iconic and well-recognized outdoor amphitheaters of all time. Located in the hills of Los Angeles and featuring a panoramic view of the world-famous Hollywood sign behind it, the Bowl has one of the most recognizable elements of all time: the famous bandshell, which has appeared in countless forms across movies, television shows, and even in Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry cartoons. Talk about a piece of pop culture history!


The History of the Hollywood Bowl

Speaking of history, the Hollywood Bowl began as just a natural amphitheater nestled in Bolton Canyon outside Los Angeles and was known as a popular picnic spot in the early 1900s. In 1919, though, it began being transformed into an actual performance space, with the construction of a stage and seating to come over the next several years.

Eventually, its iconic bandshell was added in the late 1920s. At first, these were temporary and needed to be replaced every year or so – in fact, for a few years the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright even designed a couple. Over time, though, the bandshell would evolve to more permanent versions that would incorporate modern lighting and sound equipment. Today, the Hollywood Bowl’s bandshell retains its classic look but is about as modern a concert venue as it gets!


What’s So Special About Hollywood Bowl Events?

If there’s one venue you need to experience before you die, it’s definitely the Hollywood Bowl. You can practically feel the history surrounding this iconic bandshell amphitheater. Gorgeous views, fantastic acoustics, and some of the best weather in California mean a concert at the Bowl is always a once-in-a-lifetime event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hollywood Bowl located?

Hollywood Bowl is situated in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.


What kind of events does Hollywood Bowl host?

Okay, so who hasn’t played at the Hollywood Bowl? From symphony orchestras to world-famous music, dance, and comedy acts to even former presidents have all graced the stage at Hollywood Bowl events. We’re talking the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Prince, the Who, Cher, Nine Inch Nails, the Beach Boys, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty, Linkin Park – hey, even the Muppets have headlined the Bowl.


Which team is playing at Hollywood Bowl?

As this is a concert and performance amphitheater no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at Hollywood Bowl?

Parking at the Bowl is extremely limited! Hollywood Bowl events can get crowded, it’s recommended you arrive as early as possible to ensure you grab a parking spot. There are 4 official lots, which offer parking from $20 depending on the event. All parking lots are stack parked, meaning there is no early exit if necessary.  


What is the seating capacity of Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl events can seat up to 17,500 fans. 


Who owns Hollywood Bowl?

The Bowl is owned by the County of Los Angeles.


How do I get to Hollywood Bowl using public transport?

It’s no secret that everyone drives in L.A. Between traffic and limited parking at the Bowl, we recommend you plan to arrive at Hollywood Bowl events using public transport. Hop on the Red Metro line to  Hollywood/Highland, which is right by the bowl. It’ll save you time, hassle, and money.