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About H.E.B Center

H-E-B Center 

The H-E-B Center at Cedar Park, better known as just the H-E-B Center, is an indoor hockey arena located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, in the suburb of Cedar Park. With a capacity of 6,778 and featuring some of the newest amenities and design to grace the world of indoor sports venues anywhere, this indoor arena has what it takes to offer some of the best sports experiences around!

The History of H-E-B Center

The story of the H-E-B Center begins in 2008 when ground broke on the $55 million arena. The venue opened its doors just one year later in September of 2009 under the name Cedar Park Center, which it would keep until 2016. Then, H-E-B, a local supermarket chain based out of San Antonio, Texas, purchased naming rights for the venue. It’s been known as H-E-B Center ever since.

What Makes H-E-B Center Events So Special?

The H-E-B Center is a thoroughly modern indoor venue with plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable and enjoying whatever you’re there to see. Not so big as to make you feel lost inside and not so small to make you feel like you’re crammed into a sardine can, the H-E-B Center strikes the perfect balance that you’re looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is H-E-B Center located?

H-E-B Center is located in Austin, Texas.

What kind of events does H-E-B Center host?

H-E-B Center is well-known for hosting some of the best ice hockey around. As well as ice hockey, H-E-B Center sporting events include basketball, tennis, and football. This venue has also been a popular choice for other events. From musicians like George Strait and Ozuna holding concerts there to MMA and professional wrestling events being held at the arena as well, H-E-B Center has seen plenty of action even though it’s barely been around as a venue for a decade.

Which team is playing at H-E-B Center?

The venue has been the home of the Texas Stars of the American Hockey League since it opened in 2009. That’s not all, though; this arena is multi-use, and that means other sports teams, like the NBA G-League’s Austin Spurs, the World Team Tennis league’s Austin Aces, and the Legends Football League’s Austin Acoustic also play home games at the H-E-B Center.

Where can I park for free at H-E-B Center?

H-E-B Center at Cedar Park features more than 2,600 parking spaces on its property. Prices for parking vary by H-E-B Center event and is cash only. 

What is the seating capacity of H-E-B Center?

H-E-B Center sporting events can host up to 6,778 cheering fans. 

Who owns H-E-B Center?

H-E-B Center is owned by the City of Cedar Park.

How do I get to H-E-B Center using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach H-E-B Center events by public transport don’t have many options at their disposal. The venue is not easily accessible by public transportation, unfortunately. If driving isn’t an option, we recommend using cab services such as Uber and Lyft to reach the event on time.