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Greek Theatre Tickets

About Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre

Located in the heart of Berkeley just across the bay from San Francisco, UC Berkeley’s William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, better known as just the Greek Theatre, has been transporting audiences back in time for over a century. This open-air 8,300-seat amphitheater is located right on the university’s campus and has hosted so many different events over the last 100+ years it absolutely boggles the mind.


The History of the Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre was built in 1903 on the site of a rough outdoor bowl that had already been in use since at least the 1890s for university events. The venue was designed specifically to resemble the kind of amphitheater you would find in ancient Greece, and from the beginning, it’s been the site of some truly historical events, including visits from President Theodore Roosevelt, the Dalai Lama, and Hearst himself (unsurprising considering his name’s on the marquee).

The Theatre’s ancient Greek facade might look like something out of Clash of the Titans, but it’s surprisingly modern underneath. It’s even been retrofitted to withstand California-sized earthquakes, with concrete support pillars hidden inside the existing building so well that visitors are none the wiser. Pretty good for an amphitheater that’s more than 110 years old!


What Makes Greek Theatre Events So Special?

Well, you tell us – have you ever been to an amphitheater that’s older than your grandfather and probably in better shape? The Greek Theatre is a piece of living history, and any chance you get to visit this legendary and breathtaking venue is one that you can’t possibly pass up. Just a glimpse and you’ll see what’s so amazing about this classic arena.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Greek Theatre located?

The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, known simply as Greek Theatre is located at the University of California, Berkeley.


What kind of events does Greek Theatre host?

This amphitheater has a plethora of events that take place year-round, including a variety of Greek Theatre concerts, the Berkeley Jazz Festival, UC Berkeley graduation ceremonies, occasional addresses by noted speakers, and other events.  


Which team is playing at Greek Theatre?

As this is a concert and performance amphitheater no team plays here. 


Where can I park for free at Greek Theatre?

Unfortunately, parking is limited in and around the amphitheater so finding parking for Greek Theater events can be challenging. The university operates all lots surrounding the amphitheater, and recommend you arrive early to allow plenty of time to find a place to park and walk to the venue. All lots open at 5pm.


What is the seating capacity of Greek Theatre?

Greek Theatre events can seat up to 8,500 people. 


Who owns Greek Theatre?

The amphitheater is owned and operated by the University of California, Berkeley.


How do I get to Greek Theatre using public transport?

Due to limited parking spaces, it’s best to ditch the car and hop on your nearest public transport. The BART’s Richmond and Concord Lines both serve the venue and will get you to your Greek Theatre event stress-free. There are also a number of AC Transit routes that serve the amphitheater. So, see what works for you depending on where you’re coming from. 

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